Deano’s Big Day

Good luck to Deano today. I find myself in a strange position of wanting the Vile to win - very odd.

Pleasing for those of us who could always see we had a gem in Deano.

Maybe a tad embarrassing for a few others (you know who you are) :wink:


Wishing ginger mouriniho all the best.

I loved Deano and fought his corner tooth and nail on here when all those that profess to be ‘right’ all the time were actually wrong yet again. Great manager that will go on to even greater things than Vile.

However, Vile getting promotion would be the icing on the cake of a truly traumatic season for me. Us going down & the club becoming a total shambles off the field (much to the delight of Wrexham, Tranmere, Shrewsbury, Coventry and many more) The Dingles absolutely smashing it in the Premier League, Man City blitzing everyone thanks to Saudi Arabian oil money. No more please!!

What I am trying to say is COME ON YOU RAMS!!


I’m in no way a villa fan but I’m a massive Deano fan so it’s Villa all the way for me today.

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Kind of rooting for him, but can’t help thinking that our current predicament is down to him walking away when he did, and not holding on to see us over the line.


I’d like him and O’Kelly to do it.

Two really nice blokes who will always have a slice of Walsall FC in their heart.

As for the manner of their leaving it has turned out to have been a very wise career move so for them individually it was right.

For us, who knows? We were third when they left. We finished third. There was a transfer window around the corner and I’m not sure I’d have trusted Bonser given his January form. And our support is only ever a few bad results from wanting any manager out (a virus that seems to have crept down the road over the last decade or so).

I don’t think our current position is down to their departure. Rather it is down to our board making all the wrong decisions at all the wrong times since they departed.


Wishing the man who threw his toys out of the pram when the very first offer (bottom of the table side Rotherham) was rejected by us, the very worst of luck. Up the Rams.


Derby County all day long.

I like Deano, but he’s no longer Walsall, and there are far too many Vile plonkers bigging it up on social media.

I remember Frank Lampard’s appointment being met with a lot of cynicism at the start of the season. Comments such as “jobs for the boys”, “he hasn’t earned the right” and other ■■■■. Proved a few wrong whatever happens today. Got the tactics spot on in that second leg against Dirty Leeds.
Expecting a half decent game.

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From a piece in today’s Guardian.

Smith has found the right answers ever since landing the Walsall job almost by accident. “If you want to have a career managing you’ve got to work your way up,” he said. “That’s why I take my hat off to JT being here. There’s no magic wand. I didn’t actually want the job when I first took it, but I was the only coach left at Walsall at the time. My first game was Tranmere away and we were 3-1 down. I looked at Jon Whitney and said: ‘I can see why we’re bottom of the league.’

“We scored two goals in the last five minutes to draw the game and eventually stayed up on the last day of the season and I had injected the drug that day of becoming a manager. I know people say it an awful lot, but I don’t get too high or too low. It’s a game.”

I am no fan of Villa but I would like to see him managing in the top flight.

The fact that the league gulf between us could be four divisions after today is nothing to do with Deano’s decision to move on, and all to do with how our club has been run in the same period.

Good luck Deano and I’ll take the villa benefitting as a begrudging compromise to see one of our own managing in the top flight!

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I hear Cully has been inundunated by Villa fans with requests for advice in starting a "Smith Out Period " campaign. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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A villain for the day
We will never know what would have happened if he’d have stayed but will always be grateful for watching entertaining football and seeing us at Wembley

He left the club in a far better state than what he inherited.

That’s all you can ask from managers.


Did anyone watching the Villa game the other week notice just before the penalties, Smith and Terry were doing the talking with their hand over the mouth thing that they all do nowadays. ROK was just stood there with an increasingly perplexed look on his boat, then he quite clearly mouthed to Terry “what? what?? come again…come again”, I was howling, there’s something just naturally funny about ROK, proper old school.


I always thought Dean Smith will be Premier League manager one day. Maybe today, maybe other day. Doesn’t matter much now. More important is, one tv station in my country shows this game :slight_smile:

Loved Smith, but he understandably left us for a club with ambition. SOTV

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I wonder if his weekly pay next season will be more at the Vile if he gets them up, than his annual pay was at Scrooge Fc?

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I hope he takes them up. He is a good Manager but I think if he does his problems will start. It is always difficult for the play off winners to do well in their first season. I can imagine a bad run bringing the usual “he’s gorra go Franksie” and he will be under pressure. It will be a test of the owners patience then.