Dear Mr. Pomlett

Could you please explain where the money from the transfers of Cook-150k, Dobson-rumoured to be 300k and Ferrier approx 50k has gone.
Clearly it hasn’t been invested into this bunch of players who are mid table national league at best.
The last 2 seasons under Bonser were poor but nothing like this.
Any chance of clarity on this?

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Probably helping clear Bonser’s debt. I’d rather he was cleared out faster, not slower, and paying him off should be a priority.


This seems like video game mentality, where achievements spontaneously unlock at certain points, or automated sprites mindlessly follow orders to produce the required result.

Perhaps LP simply isn’t clicking his mouse hard enough.

I see our predicament as a vast oil tanker that has run aground. LP is the process of extricating us, but we’re looking at years, not weeks, before we can legitimately demand sustained forward momentum.


If this continues (and I can’t see any reason to suspect it won’t) I’d like to know all of the facts before apportioning blame. We don’t know to what extent Clarke has been backed yet, we will only know that at the end of the season when our figures are compared to other teams. Pomlett said he wanted communication to improve, well it seems the same to me outside of a meet the chairman evening. The next one, if it happens, will be far more illuminating with better questions (hopefully).

It’s way to early yet to decide if that blame lies with Pomlett or Clarke. I’ll be honest, I suspect the latter.


Think we are a bit more like this -



I was just thinking it was our strikers pressing X when they meant O. :grin:

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I think our vital spark is missing


For once I fully agree with you.

I also think, that no matter what the budget, when you bring in a disproportionate amount of defenders and defensive midfielders, then it’s pretty obvious the team will lack creativity. So it’s pretty obvious, providing Clarke chose all of these players, blame must lie with Clarke for our current issues.


I’m not really struck on some of Clarke’s comments in interviews tbh Walsall fans and pundits won’t understand his stuff on the training ground or little errors on the pitch etc etc then yesterday I think I’m correct in saying he was asked a question about the table and he replied with “listen I’ll be the judge of the table” seems a bit arrogant to me sometimes I ask myself who the hell he thinks he is because I’m straight talking too so…“you’ve bought a load of absolute crap the blame lies with you and solely with you so sort it out quickly or jog on somewhere else”…because if he belittles the players like he has belittled fans and the press I wouldn’t want to play for him at all.


Kins new contract. If true league one clubs were having a look he’d have got a hefty rise you’d imagine.

Then you have established league one players like Sinclair, Clarke dropping down. Given the wages Salford pay out I imagine Gaffney would be on a decent wage although don’t know what percentage Walsall are paying.

I think people would be surprised if the wage bill has significantly reduced from last year. If anything I reckon it might’ve gone up when you think last summer non league players like Ferrier were signed and he’d have been on a pittance at Boreham Wood. Compare to Gaffney and Lavery who’ve played for league clubs throughout their career.

It’s no good saying they’re s*** as poor players in premier league earn anything from 60-100k a a week nowadays. The broken football model is filtering down.


You can see DC for who he really his good on you mate scooby.

I wouldn’t mind arrogance if he backed it up. ■■■■■■■ hell im arrogant! I’d be hypocrite if I jumped on him for that. But it kind of looks ridiculous when you have one win in nine competitive games to still be giving it the Barry McGuigan. He setting himself up to be called out left right and centre.


Have to agree about some of Clarke’s media talk, a lot of the things he says are very Whitney-like in my opinion.

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Look up staged payments.

I’m mates with one of the coaching staff at Northampton, he said boy your manager doesn’t half love himself :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Time to revisit this.Be interesting to know when he started tinkering. Was it after he got his higher level badges? Is he using sophisticated training methods and tactics just not suitable for this level? That work better with top level , more versatile players? Is he stuck between what he used to do, and what his badges tell him he should be doing?

As I’ve said before, from a distance his record looks impressive. Analyse it more closely and it’s a lot less so . It declines markedly over the past two years or so. His run here is consistent with his last season at Bristol. Unless you give unequal weighting to the early part of his career, you have to say his record is far more ambiguous than it looks at first sight.

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I would say we will probably hear something from Mr Pomlett soon as no doubt people from the club will of been reading all the comments about lack of communication etc.and he will be jolted into saying something. He did say he was going to come and watch a match from the upper tier aswell cant see that happening whilst things are going so badly.

I heard similar at the Nuneaton friendly.

It’s fine as long as you back it up, but at the moment Clarke is not doing that.

Reminds me Mourinho in a way… Great entertainment when he is doing well but difficult to like when his back is against the wall.

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Every manager has to reinvent himself, minimum once per season, because football around is changing even faster. So far I’ve seen only one manager, capable of doing this. SAF at Manchester United. Rest? Bright start, but later their methods became obsolete. But they trust and believe them, because they know, they are (or were) good. Of course they can escape, simply by signing or buying new, presumably better players. Changing leagues, dropping a league, waiting for good season (prime example, Leicester winning title), have good history, youth setup and similar. But if you don’t have that luck, you need to create it. Time will tell, if DC can do it, or not. So far it’s still early days. For him at the club, for owner, so two years in League Two can be reality. But if it takes one full season to make things right at the club, next one will be crucial. Starting with ten points from first three games can be not enough. So keep working and keep improving. Probably no one from the club read it (and it shouldn’t now), but I still believe it will be good season.

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