December Working Party Meeting Questions

Does anybody have any questions they would like raising at the WPM on Monday?

Submit your questions here -

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Do the club think the landlord has done his bit during Covid? No need to mention numbers…

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just kidding. No point in asking that.

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<— content redacted —> ‘commercial sensitivity’ <—content redacted —>

is it true that we have the 4th lowest playing budget in the division?

Why am we so cack?


Hello. Wat ur favrit film?

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Is DSA representing ISSA again or have they got over their massive paddy?

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Issa do not attend but rest assured they are still asking the serious questions of the club that many fans want answering,

Issas attendance at working party meetings is immaterial, we use the. The channel-of communication afforded to us by the club, which we find more beneficial than attending. Wpms And our membership is happy with that. Scenario so it will continue , as said. We ask the questions. And relay the answers. So in answer to your question, No the dsa will not be representing Issa at Monday’s meeting.

“Our team also oversee the running of the Disabled Supporters Association”

The above is from the ISSA website. So ISSA will be represented?

Edit: btw I would see that as a positive thing for supporters and club.

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An outsider opinion:

I find it incredibly hard to believe that ISSA’s separate meetings are beneficial compared to collaborating with the WSA ((formerly WSFC), Trust and DSA. That’s three independent groups who can sit round a table with the club which is the only reason for their existence, and then there’s ISSA.

Do you think that ISSA deserves more time to themselves when the club staff already have so much to do? Does that alone time achieve more in terms of constructive supporter liaisons?

You should drop the petty Trust vendetta and get on with joining the other groups in supporting the club instead of promoting yourselves and encouraging division.


This is my personal opinion. At best these questions are off topic, and worst a bit disrespectful to Rob and everyone at the WSA on a serious thread asking if anyone has any questions they would like raising.

It is not up to me what is allowed on UTS or not, but as always if anyone has any questions for ISSA whatever they may be, please contact me directly and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


When the the SLO statement came out recently, members of both the Trust and ISSA expressed disappointment that he’d mentioned their disagreements because it was apparently in the past.

Considering the reason ISSA stopped attending WPMs because of their issues with the Trust I’d have thought that if it’s truly in the past they should now be attending.

And I agree there shouldn’t be separate cosy meetings for 1 group. They should all be in the same meeting.

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There isn’t separate cosy meetings. Steve, No groups get that. Privsladge not that I’m aware of anyway
And whilst club has to. Biggest part been mothballed, Our. Communication as mainly been via telephone and e mail. And this Avenue is open to all groups not just Issa

We have had the odd meeting. As. Individuals. Ie the direct debit scheme. , but as for everything else it is done on. An. Individual basis, if a question comes in from any fan it is immediately. Asked of club and any answer furnished relayed back. To originator, Rather than having to wait a month, to put it at a wpm.

If it’s a. Bigger. Issue that’s being raised we would liarse with other groups, And fan base As I am a firm believer that no one. Regardless of whatever group they represent. Should be privy to information that. Every other fan should not be made aware of , And they. Should be in receipt of same information. As those. In contact with club We all support same team. All contribute to same club so therefore should all have. The same insight. And this is one are issa will never. Stray from



Everyone should be around the same table.

Off the record, informal meetings smack of the “tea and biscuits” challenges of the past. And at least the “tea and biscuit “ meetings were on the record and minuted - like the wpms.

Like the majority of Walsall fans, I’m not a member of any fan group (think I signed up for Unity in 2010) but am fully supportive of any group that holds the current custodians of our football club to account and undertake activities that help the club and the wider community.

The wpm minutes are the only way of seeing if the first of those three equally important things is happening. But if each group thinks there is a weighting between those three things and chooses to prioritise accordingly, then that’s perfectly OK. For those of us not involved it would just be useful to understand the priorities because you can’t switch from “we want to take over as the voice of the fans” one month to “we don’t want to attend the only on the record forum with senior execs at the club” a couple of months later. Again - from the outside - it looks confusing.


Regardless of allegiance to any particular supporter group, there is nothing that strengthens the position of the club and weakens the validity of fan groups than these slanging matches being played out in public.

Perhaps reason to consider the future of the ‘Announcements’ section on UTS, leaving groups to communicate their activities and deal with related enquiries through their own dedicated channels.

This thread started as an open and proactive invite to supporters to submit their views through a recognised representative group, it has ended up showcasing the reasons many fans hold these organisations in such poor regard.

That’s a massive shame in my book.


No disrespect. Exile. But. Seeing as you are a proof reader. I’d read it again. And highlight out where it says we have separate meetings as I can’t see that statement anywhere

We use as said channels of communication available to us, The same ones that are afforded to all groups. , to the best of my knowledge

Your attempts at causing dis harmony. Really are. A sad reflection, And. As other posters have pointed out. Do more harm to. All the groups even tho you specifically only ever target one

I believe our secretary has answered your submitted queries. So I take it from your non reply. you are happy with the answers furnished , as that’s what we do. , ie. take a question of any fan and furnish an answer as soon as possible if it relates to Issa as yours did

But if it requires an answer from the club it may take a little longer. , But the question is still immediately asked, by the methods previously stated, We find this a better way than having to wait a month. And as soon as an answer is furnished by the club it is immediately relayed to the originator

This system works well for us and we have received no complaints from those who are asking questions of which there is many, Sorry to disappoint you but you see there are no feuds. Whatsoever. Just four groups Representing fans, The tactics may differ but end goal is no doubt the same

I have a genuine question about our scouting of players.

This was briefly touched on on another thread, however that post was around young local players, who for whatever reason we don’t seem to pick up and/or our lack of actual club staff who would be looking for them.

Now obviously we don’t have a huge scouting network, but we do have a lot of fans who also watch various levels of youth and non league games, not just locally but all over the country.

Framing the question more as a ‘how can the fans help’ rather than a ‘why haven’t we got someone looking at player A, B or C’ is how I’m thinking so who do they contact should they see anyone who they think someone at the club should really be worth taking a look at?

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I find all this popular front of Judea v Judean popular front ■■■■■ somewhat bewildering and embarrassing.

Surely people can ask questions / speak for themselves rather than having to line up behind an “organisation”.


In all fairness to club. Alongside an ex player we asked. Club to look at young lad who was on Everton’s radar as well as other championship clubs

Wfc did go and look and went as far as asking the player in question to spend a week with them up at essington, How-ether due to family reasons he could not take club up on the offer but the door has very much been left open to him should he want to take the offer up at a later date

I spoke with both dan mole and Steph gamble in relation to said player. And also nick ethridge
And was surprised at. how quick club Acted upon the recommendation, So credit where credit is due. It appears the scouting system. Is Back on track and our recommendation was acted upon

If you do see anyone. Just send a direct e ail to dan mole or Steph gamble and they will direct it to. The right person, or. Put it to one of the fan groups to. Pass on your recommendation.
Issa have a wfc scout as it’s vice chair. So he would always be interested. Of. Any recommendations