Deeleys castings shirt reproduced

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Ref deeleys castings shirt.

Right guys you kept asking for it. To be re produced. and I’m pleased to announce that as of. Friday. 15 Th of Jan. The first in our trilogy. Of Deeleys. Castings shirt. Will be available to pre order. For a period of 14 days only

A very special shirt from our history as it was the very first to contain front of shirt. Sponsorship, and will. Evoke Wonderfull memories of that epic milk cup run. , and. A squad of players that where. Of exceptional quality, and led. By. Non other than. The main man himself Alan Buckley

We promised members there loyalty. Would be rewarded. And I can. Reveal. That fully paid up members. Of Issa will pay.
The price of. £33 for this shirt, Plus postage if required and this is by way of a thank you for your continued. Support.

Non members can also purchase but the cost will be £40 to non members. Plus postage if required

Please note. Membership. Means you are a fully paid up member and hold a valid. 2021 membership,

If any one chooses the membership discount option. At point of order, when cross referenced if it becomes evident you do not hold a valid. Membership. Your shirt will be withheld. Untill such time a valid. Membership is in place

If you are a non member and want shirt but do not wish to become an Issa member just choose that option of point of order and you will then pay the non member price quoted.

Again please note the pic below is only an artist visual. And finished item will be of same colour. As highlighted by the X in the colour. Swatch pictured.

This is the first of three. As we wore three different versions of this shirt. That year. But our first offering. Is. The one most. Remembered by. Fans and worn. During those epic nights at. Highbury. Milmoor. And anfield. . .

Again manufactured to the highest standard. As per all our other shirts. And I’m sure. The many who purchased the Highgate range of shirts will vouch. That the quality and workmanship that. Goes into each one is second to none

To those who wish to renew or take out a membership prior to Friday’s release. Head over to our online shop using the link below. Where you can do so quick and easily



Blimey, I’ve seen bigger swimming trunks.

Imagine if we’d played Liverpool if the players had full mobility in their legs!

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I’ll be getting 1 @Dhforever

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You won’t be disappointed mate. I guarantee it

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I’m in mate, been waiting for this one. :+1:

Will be up for pre order on. Friday mate, To give those wanting. To take advantage. Of the members price. Time to. Renew or take out a new membership

But as said anyone. who wishes not to become a member. can still purchase., If they want. But at a different price

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You know how well the ISSA can replicate shirts @Dhforever ? is there any chance they could do it with players :grin: :wink:

We can But dream pal

Keep an eye out for a cracking T-shirt we will be listing very soon mate

Sneek preview below

Was thinking of. Doing another one. Stating one night in Wigan lol For us lads who went up on that double decker bus pal. Lol



:joy: :joy: :joy: class

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I’ll get them to stick a stone island badge on yours. Chunkster.


Cheers buddy :grin:
You know what though mate, despite what it represents, it is bloody good quality clothing :wink:

Not as flexible as Adidas tracksuits one size fits all😂


:joy: :joy: :joy: :man_facepalming:

Agree mate. Top quality gear , trouble is my eldest wants to dress head to toe in it.

Cost me and his mom £1400 the other week for stone island jumper and a d squared one

When Jane said we where looking for d squared. Gear I thought. I was going for a maths lesson. Lol. Some of it was in the thousands. , I said to him you can’t beat Lacoste lol. Only to be told how old fashioned I was

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Don’t wind him up lol

He stopped and looked in every shop window. Admiring. How good a fit they where

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I know what you mean mate :laughing:
But it never goes out of fashion, he will still be wearing it in another few years,i have got jumpers and jeans over 10 years old, and still looks ok.

Are you sure they don’t belong to your missus

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His younger brother will be. Having. It handed down. To him. And then there own kids will get it. Then after Thai I’ll e bay it. Like to get value for my money. Chunks. Lol

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Ha Ha :laughing: she hates wearing branded clothes, i have bought her Armani tops and jeans D&G you name it, but she is more enthralled by something from George :joy: the only branded things that she has loved was a cream Henry Lloyd jacket and a Barbour coat :man_facepalming:

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