Deeney, Henry, & Pomlett- a scenario

It’s been said by the man himself that the size of our sell-on clause has scuppered a big money transfer for Troy Deeney, or at least played a part.

Brentford are going great guns in the Championship, probably attracting glances from higher places, but in all likelihood won’t go up.

Here’s a dilemma- if you’re Leigh Pomlett, and the notion suddenly occurs to you one day (as it did to me, yesterday), do you seriously consider approaching Brentford now, with a view to offering them a lump sum buyout of all remaining clauses for Rico, as I seem to recall was touted with regard to Troy? See what their opening offer is, but keep in your mind a minimum of whatever the agreed price with the Bonsers for the freehold is? A bit too gung-ho risky? Or a decent avenue to pursue, with the iron as hot as it is likely to get? Best case scenario is that we’re free of the rent by the summer, and DC can wave an extra £30-50k a year at six or seven potential signings forevermore, which would constitute quite the upgrade in quality. The only other way we achieve that in even the mid-term is a big transfer for Rico actually coming off, as well as (sadly) one or both of getting to Wembley in the U21s trophy and selling Alfie Bates. A lot of stars that need aligning there.


I wouldn’t look at it just yet. Our first aim needs to be promotion to League One, for me that’s our natural position where I see us as a club and where I believe we can hold our own without being in danger of relegation if we really want to.
Once back in League One then I’d start rounding up the different clauses we have for players, then start to look at possibly selling our prized assets such as Alfie Bates once he’s proven himself in League One and see just how much we can raise, plus this possible investment that Pomlett believes he can attract once we are in that league and we might just be able to be rid of Bonser for good. It’s a very, very slow process but it’s the only process we have.


I actually fancy Brentford to get top 2 in the championship with Leeds “falling apart again.”

Must be something in the deal that will be decent payment if Rico becomes a premier league player and also could lead to an England call up eventually so I’d stick with that.

Deeney one has run its course now. He’ll probably see out his contract there and then join Birmingham on a free. Just a bit of bad luck when you see many other clubs have players for about six months, sell them on and then get massive sell on clauses.

No doubt the potential rewards are greater to hold out and see what happens. Yet, there’s a big case of once-bitten, twice shy, and the stakes are very, very high. The ability to purchase the freehold could very well be the difference between League One being sustainable, and League Two not being. I suppose a clarifying question would be, if the money was on the table that would cover the freehold, at the expense of the knock-ons, would we be wise to hold out for a big money transfer/Brentford promotion/England call that is one dip in form, or one late tackle away from never happening?

Ive thought about this, yes the rewards are potentially great but really are they?

Deeney not so, he is happy at Watford if they do gown no one is paying 10 mill let alone 30 mill previously touted. It might be worth gaining 100 k for it. He is 31. No one is buying him for more than 5 million now. He is going to see out his contract there, unless Brum miraculous come calling. Not happening.

Henry, stalled. 250k for his sell on? no. 500k cash… Yes. (we are not getting that)

Rico Henry is currently not getting injured for once and is a regular for one of the most inform teams in championship over last two months.

If Bournemouth can get promoted and establish themselves in top league so can Brentford.

If that happens England will start taking a look and so will more established top level clubs. Of course none of us really know the sell on or additional clauses in his deal but given he went for a low ish fee there surely will be some hefty ones.

If Deeney had ever gone for big money I can understand people being sceptical given it would’ve been filtered under Bonser but Pomlett actually seems to understand to improve the club you need to put more money into the playing budget.

I seem to remember Henry being announced as £1.5m + add ons up to £5m. One of these being Brentford playing in Europe…

Now that Watford are down what are the chances of a premier league club coming in for deeney(Albion) and if so do we stil get anything or will it belong to jeff

There, amended that for you.

Troy has been talking about his future being uncertain, but unless the owners/next idiot to take the job want rid then I think he’ll stay and try and get them back up.

Troy’s star has been on the wane for a season or so now. I’m sure that he’s their highest earner too. If I was the Watford owner I’d be keen to cash-in.

What could they expect for Deeney if they did cash in…? I would say 5 to 7 million.

That seems about right. Also, his contract expires next June according to Transfermarkt.

I looked at Watford forum yesterday tbf majority of their fans want him gone.

The main trouble with the Deeney sale is the sell on clause being high. Watford have always had a ball park figure that THEY want to receive. If they were to value him at say £10mill, that’s the amount that they want to receive from the transfer. That would mean that any club would have to make a bid in excess of that, which prices him out of a deal

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After a few years in the prem with a couple hundred million each season plus their 100m windfall for relegation, surely only stubbornness or actually wanting to keep him can stop them from selling Denney - can’t see money being the issue


Wouldn’t surprise me if they give him a free.

High earner, pretty much accepted as past it by their fans, and as a great servant they may let him go to get a decent deal elsewhere.

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I’ve always maintained that he would end up leaving Watford on a free to join Blues.

Blues have a few quid on the hip thanks to the Bellingham deal but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did another year to see out his contract and it played out next summer.

You just never know whether another EPL side might come in for him now For cash with Watford signalling a change in the guard.

My guess is that we will end up with nothing.

There are around ten players still playing who I reckon at the peak of their worth might have been or be worth a combined figure of around £75m. Think we might have received around £6.5m in total.

Let’s see - all figures are figments of my imagination!

Etheridge £10m (we got 0)
Henry £6m (£1.5m)
Dann £15m (£1.75m)
Sawyers £6m (0)
Fox £3m (£0.5m)
Deeney £25m (£0.5m)
Grigg £5m (0.75m)
Paterson £3m (0.75m)
Bradshaw £2m (0.65m)

So to completely de-humanise it, we sold assets that ultimately became worth around £75m for around £6.5m. I always read associates of Jeff telling us how shrewd he was in the market. This looks like the opposite. I can nearly forgive the Sawyers scenario as we were chasing promotion but the fact we didn’t tie him down sooner for longer also suggests a degree of poor planning.


Not sure you can pin all of this on Jeff, don’t forget there was a couple of other clowns involved in the decision making.

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Ye but they are exempt now because they are doing what they are told under the owner.

oh hold on a bit :wink: