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Defence - what is going on?


We need personnel ASAP. We are so disorganised and the amount of mistakes we make on the left is worrying…

I think other than Fitzwater (and possibly Devlin) I would get rid and being in some experience and intelligence…


Devlin?! He’s abysmal.

I’m glad people can see this now though.



That’s what Martin was supposed to do.but the usual suspects will continue to blame the usual suspects.

See above.


Just swallow your own pride and admit you got it wrong.


Admit your a ■■■■■ and you are wrong.
Neither are going to happen are they Metfwany ?


I haven’t been though …


United Nations would struggle to broker an agreement between yow two on this. :wink:


Well it’s obvious.

You have to be mental to think they’re any good.


If we scored more goals because of their propensity to play like wing backs then I would have more sympathy for the argument, but we don’t.


If you can point out where I said they are good full backs at this level I’ll happily admit I’m wrong.

But you don’t actually read anything I say so…


No one deserves any credit after that shambles


Yep. The whole team, not just two of them, weren’t good enough there.


What’s the excuse now deano this is no better then Whitney’s garbage


See the other thread comparing the two of you want my “excuses” for this.


Devlin is a nice guy, but he shouldn’t be anything more than a squad player. Not good enough to be first choice.

Guthrie is the best of a bad bunch, doesn’t do much wrong but doesn’t set the world alight.

Leahy is probably one of, if not the worst defenders I’ve seen in a Walsall shirt, yeah he’s honest on social media and he scored twice against Coventry, but he’s paid to defend, which he can’t do.

Fitzwater, Decent enough, would probably be better with three better defenders around him.

Martin isn’t what we all thought he’d be with his Premier League experience.

The sooner we can get a proper back line in at this club, the better.


Said this from day one full backs not good enough


To be quite honest the CLUB is not good enough for the loyal fans that turn up week in week out, this goes much deeper than a couple of full backs.


So you mean its the goalie’s fault then chunkster…well he’s the only one who plays deeper than the fullbacks…:smiley:


I couldn’t understand why he thought undersoil heating would make such a difference.


The idea that only the back 4 are responsible for our defensive frailties is daft. Yesterday for example not one of our midfielders played well. The two “wide” men were almost invisible as you can see from the highlights especially for the second goal. We should defend as a team and whilst both Devin and Leahy are not strong defensively they add something to the team. Devlin for example has won 2 penalties in recent games and yesterday put in the best cross of the game which should have been converted at the far post. Management is about knowing the weaknesses and strengths of those who you manage and it should not be beyond DK to find a strategy to deal with our frailties.The big disappointment for me has been the form of Martin and I do wonder whether we have made a big error in using precious money on him.However I don’t understand all the criticism that Guthrie gets on here. I think he does ok considering the state of the team as a whole.