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Defence - what is going on?


True we do defend badly as a team but having watched the goals back why doesn’t Leahy ever get near his man and is often so close to Guthrie. Although apparently he did win us 3 points v Coventry so it’s accepted


Leahy actually has some talent

He has a good left foot
He can pull out a few raking passes
And he can score a goal

BUT as a full back hes awful. To play in there you have to get close to someone running at you. Deny them any space. He tends to do the opposite leaving us ruthlessly exposed. No idea why he does this. I find it baffling. Devlin similar just not quite as bad


He hasn’t been tested that much. Last games nearly all flak took Leahy, but next game could be different and they are, similar I would say. Maybe one is better in offensive play, second in defensive, but that’s very slight difference.
PS I would try Leahy as set-piecer, corners especially.


Any takers for Anthony Gerrard :wink:


Leahy and Devlin are both awful, we can sign whatever centre backs we want but with these two in the team nothing will improve!!


I forgot who made the great analogy of Leahy Devlin and The Red hot chilli peppers / they might one or both play well today (let’s hope!) - But islands of doing something good every so often does not take away from the ocean of ineptitude over 18 months.


They both have talent. Devlin is decent going forward. Leahy should take free kicks and corners. But in the position s they play. They are dire. Everyone someone takes a run at us. I just think . Oh no


Devlin is decent going forward? Watch him today. He runs in straight lines down blind alleys most of the time.

I actually think he’s marginally better defensively than Leahy, but that’s saying something.

As I said, both hopefully have brilliant performances today, but don’t get fooled by their one or two touches of quality. The rest is absolutely woeful.


Won us two penalties on the break doing forward in the last few weeks and got an assist last weekend.

But yeah let’s give him no credit whatsoever.


I don’t let the odd island of doing something cloud my judgment.

He’ll be gone in the summer.


I’d take more notice of your posts if you weren’t so sarcastic el_nombre……:smile:


Nobody critisised Roberts I see… Agreed he’s pulled off a few great saves this season but seems to struggle with the simpler stuff. He could have been blamed for both goals yesterday especially the second…

1st goal… Leahy went out to close the man down and seemed to just try and push the man. Dobson and Edwards didn’t react quick enough to get goal side of the on rushing midfielder allowing him to poke the ball through despite Fitzwaters useless slide. And Gutherie was nowhere near the goalscorer seemed to have turned off. Roberts beaten through his legs again…

Disallowed goal… Where was the closing down of the guy putting the cross in? Gordon and Devlin just gave them all the time in the world to get the ball in…

2nd goal… Shambolic defending, we were all over the place in panic… Roberts come for a ball he was never going to get to in a million years, Fitzwater was in a position to deal with it, guessing a shout from Roberts was the reason he didn’t and just seemed to leave it.


Leahys header in the build up to their second goal was amateur.

You’re taught from the age of 7 to head the ball wide or behind for a corner - when defending. He headed it central.

I doubt El Nombre would have picked up on that however.


I did - on the match thread I said if we had a half decent no2 goalie 8 would be dropping Roberts.

What’s happened to Martin by the way ? And why are we so slow to react to the second ball - as a team ?


Martin was giving lots of instructions all game from the bench as a coach.


I think you are being a little harsh on the first goal. The ball which reached Collins was either a mishit shot or a mishit pass . He was in the clear and scored. Sometimes I think over analysis can lead to some rather misleading views. If everyone did everything perfectly there would never be a goal scored!


How am I over analysing the first goal? Watch the highlights and tell me I’m wrong? Ok there was a miss-hit/deflected shot which lead to the goal but regardless, there number 4 shouldn’t have been allowed to run through the centre of us like that. That was the main problem so my points about Leahy, Dobson, Edwards, and Fitzwater still remain valid as it was before this point in play.

Maybe I was a little harsh on Gutherie watching them again, however he was still nowhere near his man was he? He should have stayed with his man rather than looking for the ball which wasn’t loose. If the ball went between his man and the play then would you not agree that close to goal it would have been the 'keepers job to sweep it up? Meaning there was no need for him to come inside leaving his man free?


Things happen in matches. Ok he shouldn’t have been allowed to run through before the mishit shot but that is part of the game. A Luton fan might argue that Dobson shouldn’t have been allowed to run through them forcing the penalty. The point I was trying to make is that if you analyse nearly every goal afterwards you can find that someone ,somewhere did something wrong. More lightly if Ferrier hadn’t fallen over Leahy wouldn’t have put in the cross that led to Cook’s goal.


But it’s week after week? Lol

I’ve just literally given you the examples.


Nope not good enough. Never have I made out he’s a brilliant player defensively.

But I actually pick up on the things you say.