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Defence - what is going on?


Errrr yes I do.

Being envious is not very becoming.


Prove it. I’ll wait for the excuses. There’s nothing to be envious of


Ive proven it by posting specific things that have happened.

It’s up to you if you are blind.

It’s also ok to be obsessed with me. It’s a compliment.


Just told you why anybody could do that. Make vague predictions. I’ve just explained why anybody could do that. You ignored it like you do every time somebody points out your nonsense.

Wages would be an easy thing to prove surely.

Yeah. I’m almost as obsessed with you as you are with the full backs.


I dont particularly care.


Course not. All you’ve proven so far is that you can read the express and star.


Like I said, I don’t really care.

You’re just butthurt you aren’t in the know. It’s fine, just move on.


For somebody not bothered you seem awfully bothered. I’m bothered I’ll admit it. I’m bothered I have to keep reading this nonsense from you.

It’s not hard being honest


Can you two get a room …:roll_eyes::rofl::rofl:


Obsessed this lad.


You’re just recycling old ones now.


Someone on here is starting to get very tiresome, tedious, and relentlessly monotonous, just like a certain Sound out.




Which one?!!


Not just the full backs today…1st goal and Grant just peeling off Guthrie so easily.

Second was a completely needless foul by Fitz as the cross was going through to Roberts anyway.

Silly errors all through the team.


Go on i give in. Please tell me:rofl:


The reality is no combination of Wilson, Devlin, Guthrie, Leahy, Fitzwater, Martin has been able to stem the flow of goals. Sometimes we’ve looked solid playing 442, other times Osbourne has seemed to help playing in front of the back 4. But whatever the formation we’ve ultimately been found out and unless we fix this soon we’re going down.

All fans have favourites and scapegoats and realistically we aren’t going to sign a complete new back 4.

So if you could sign a maximum 2 new defenders what would be your preferred back 4. For me I’d play Devlin and Fitzwater and sign a new dominant league 1 savy centre half and a new left back.

Might we consider playing Edwards at right back or Conor Johnson?


For me we get cut open from midfield far too often and given any sort of budget I would be spending it on a competent defensive midfielder to replace Adam Chambers who started showing signs his legs were gone 2 years ago but we haven’t replaced him in anyway.


I’d say give Conor Johnson a run out as from all reports he has done well in the games he has been involved in.


Our chance creation is impotent as it is with Leahy never mind without. Until one of the wingers rolls up their socks he has to play even if he is poor defensively.

As for Fitzwater he’s been the worst defender of the four for me all season. Nowhere near the standard of last year, in fact he doesn’t even look the same player. Johnson must be wondering what he has to do to start watching Fitzwater and Martin.

I’d go for one new centre half and a defensive midfielder if it were up to me. Maybe a right back if we can send Wilson back.