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Defence - what is going on?


Great post, fairly accurate assessment. The only thing I’d add is about the 2nd goal for Luton. Of course it would be good to defend better in the box, but that goal starts down on the edge of the other box, where ferrier has options to pass or to run it into the corner and take time off the clock, but instead opts to try and beat two men, gets feebly knocked off the ball and sets them up for a “one last chance” counter. That’s the reason we didn’t pick up 3 points and, when keates keeps talking about decision making, I’m hoping he’s talking about this in particular because, if not, he’s missing the real problems.


Go for a new right back and take away our most potent attacking threat? I dread to think how unimaginative we’d be without his will to beat a man and get to the byeline


I didn’t say they would be an automatic starter I said they would come in for Wilson.

Besides that’s the exact reason I gave for Leahy staying in the side. Because our wingers are impotent. Doesn’t Jarvis play on the right?


I know it was just one game, and playing to impress, yadda yadda yadda…

But, surely at least a couple of those four defenders that looked bloody decent against Ajax would’ve been better than this shower, week in, week out?!


One of the worst Walsall defences I’ve ever seen. Absolute shambles and reflects terribly on Keates who for some reason does little about it. Very strange.


Keates quote in Excuse and Star " signing defensive reinforcements a possibility" ??? Somebody please pull him to one side and tell him it needs to be a certainty!!! Unfortunately I agree with others in that Deano is clearly out of his depth and should be managing in the conference along with his backroom chums. Bonser out, Gamble out, Mole out !!!


Sack them all they are all ■■■■ - collectively and individually and if Keates doesn’t he will end up sacked


Defence needs sorting now not the end of the season . Martin and Guthrie are not good enough .


All 5 are ■■■■


I’d put Kinsella right back just to shore things up… Devlin is awful


New defensive midfielder. Transfer window is open for some time, so it’s best time to loan one. It should help some players rediscover some form (for example Dobson). Rest will stay till summer, later clear-out.


Attacking wise we’re generally fine. Cook, Jarvis, Ferrier, Gordon and Ismail gives us half a chance of scoring enough goals to keep us up. That defence though. Wow. I know we should be ‘defending as a team’ but the ability to defend basic crosses into the box and mark attackers isn’t the fault of anyone but the back four and goalkeeper.

It’s almost the opposite of what we, and Wrexham fans, predicted would happen under Keates. I think most of us were expecting a season of struggle with us grinding out enough scrappy wins and generally being solid at the back.

Whether it’s the defensive personnel, or the tactics coming from the management, Keates needs to sort it quickly as January is absolutely massive for our chances of staying up.


We need a new goalkeeper. End of. Roberts is no good. Russell martin. Costly mistake


And GERRARD is happening. On todays shambles glad it is !!!


As soon as Chambers is fit I’d play him, even at centre back. He’s better than those two muppets today!

Our keeper isn’t brave enough either with crosses into the box.


I like Roberts but seems to have lost confidence… no wonder with the muppets in front of him :see_no_evil:


■■■■ Martin off. He’s been nothing short of ■■■■ since he’s been here.


Is our porous defence a reflection of the fact we’ve underestimated how much cover Adam Chambers provides for the back four “unit”?


Chambers can read the game like no one else in the squad. Sadly his legs were going and now with the long lay off after the injury I don’t see him as a starter again. Have said a few times he’d have been a great option to bring off the bench in games 2-0 up like Sunderland and Luton so he can still be used in that way.

If you remember back end of last season DK was playing Kinsella on the right of midfield to make team solid and get them over the line so would say go back to that or play Edwards there.

More defensive minded player on one flank who will consistantly come back to help the full back and allow Jarvis to do his stuff on the left. It might just work.


Maybe but think teams would just double up on Jarvis then as he would be our main outlet.worth a try though