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Defence - what is going on?


Lots of selective reading.

Obviously the optimal solution is to sign actual full backs - but would we rather keep shipping in 3 and 4 goals a game? Or try to shore it up a bit whilst we wait for defensive recruitments?


Well hang on he’s just suggested that we drop our captain and replace him with an unfit midfielder…

Not sure you can take this guy serious :man_shrugging:t3:


Obviously. Do you think Dobson is playing well?

I think people forget he’s still a very young lad.


Exactly it wouldn’t be a long term fix but could work if it’s only until we possibly replace.

But ye ridiculous suggestion lol


Personally I don’t believe he was any worse than Kinsella or any other midfielder on Saturday.


Yeah I would. He’s been atrocious. Edwards is only going to get fit one way. By playing. And in his natural position.

But at centre mid if he’s off the pace he has Kinsella and a defence (of sorts) behind him. At left back he has nothing.


So your solution is to keep Leahy and Devlin there?

Or am I selective reading ? :joy::thinking:


Ok. One decent one 3 years ago. To liken him to Demetriou shows how incorrect Smith was there.


Believe I said if the budget allows I’d sign a full back no?

My point is that whatever criticisms you have of the full backs I think you make it worse by playing players there out of position. You also lose our best centre mid this season.


Drop Dobson but not Devlin and Leahy ffs?


Are you seriously suggesting that the only way to get Edwards for is to throw him into an already struggling team?

The bloke needs time to recover , he’s not ready.


I’m suggesting it’s only worth “throwing him” (he’s already appeared and played a full 90 by the way) in his natural position, rather than left back.


I didn’t suggest that we played him left back? He’s not fit


No Neuromantic did. And that’s the point you picked up on. Where I said I’d drop Dobson rather than Leahy for Edwards.


Madness , if Edwards was fit and I mean fully fit I.e fully over his injury and not been eased back into action which Keates is clearly doing .

Then you may have a case.


But ye the only logical as we would be to sign to full backs in January , but Without shipping the two of them out it could be tricky.


Ay? Are you feeling ok?


??? That’s aimed at El Nombre lol … his suggestion


Are substitutes not allowed all of a sudden? It’s not like has has to play every minute of every game. I’m just saying he’d be my first choice.

But presumably you agree then that if throwing him in at centre mid is too much he shouldn’t be thrown in at left back either?


Etiquette, chaps…