Devlin leaves

He’s announced on Twitter. All the best I say. Not the best player but at least he put in 100% each game.


Signed for Livingston - 2 year contract with the option of a 3rd.

100% effort, but not good enough. No real loss really, he was probably on a decent wage, so there’s a few quid put back into the budget for DC


Gave everything, took to the club and I’m gutted we’re losing that but we need to start winning games of football and he lacked the ability needed so overall no loss and frees up wages. Good luck to him at Livingston, shows how poor their top league is mind.


The rebuild job for DC, just keeps on getting bigger.

We now need an experienced right and left back, plus cover.

At least one more experienced CH and a younger loanee.

Another two experienced midfielders, one of them needs to be a creative midfielder and possibly a loanee too.

Two experienced wingers and possibly a younger loanee winger.

Forwards seem okay, with Gordon and if we hold on to Cookie, Ferrier not bothered if he stays or we can get a fee for him, then get in a better replacement and also a promising loanee, if Candlin is not up to it.

I agree we need an experienced left back but that’s about it. DC has already said the squad will be smaller, he’s gonna sign players who can play several positions we have Norman who can go right back and the new lad Clarke can play anywhere across the back four when needed.


Another one of the last 2 years awful defence gone.


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We move on. Would have liked him to stay as I reckon he would have been ok in League Two, Lets not forget Korey Roberts should be back at some point, be nice to get an update on him, havn’t heard much for a while.


Would have been happy if he’d stayed, not that bothered he’s gone. Signed around the same time as Leahy from Scotland and sometimes was tarred with the same brush - but for me always seemed committed, gave 100% and didn’t seem like a total ■■■■■■■. Also, if it’s true that he and Leahy were our 2 highest earners when they signed, it’s a massive chunk of the wage bill freed up.


For a short moment I thought, he could sign new deal, but not. I would say wrong player in the wrong system. I know he could offer more, with different tactic. So, all the best. Time for proper rebuilding job.

Good luck Nicky, always gave 100% and genuinely loved playing for the club. And let’s not forget how caring and giving he was to little Teddie and his family.

I don’t reckon we need another Right-back because in Clarke and Norman we have cover… but obviously need another centre back with Clarke now expected to be first choice right back.


Over the moon :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nice lad. Awful defender.

We move on!

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A good move for all, in my opinion.

What seems to be a genuinely good bloke has gotten himself and his family fixed up, & Clarke gets some budget freed up, from the position where we’re most stacked up (Norman, Clarke, Kory, and don’t forget Luke Little).

Devlin would’ve always made me nervous as part of a back four, even in Division Four.

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If he was going to stay then I would have wanted him to play on the right rather than in defence. I always thought in most of the matches he played there he was more effective than Ismail.

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Pretty good move for him.

He came from near bottom of Scottish 1st division and after two mediocre years in England he’s signed for an SPL team.

Said before given Norman is here for two more years you might aswell give him some games at right back to actually see if he’s any good or not.


A player you always wanted to be really good given his desire and undoubted affection for the club (see also Richard Taundry).

I felt in his first season he was a mile off. Last season I thought he had improved to the point where league 2 probably represented the right level.

As others have suggested, we will probably miss the man more than the player.


I don’t agree about getting loan players in,get a squad of our own players,get them to gel,if we need young players,we’ve got loads of our own,I’m sure they would give their right arm just to sit on the subs bench.

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Just shows how appalling the SPL is!

First Milan now Devlin - poor bastards…

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Cameron Norman was another poor signing by DK, can’t believe the length of contract we gave him. Keates tried him at full back a couple of times, he was dreadful, far worse than Devlin, no thanks not for me.

I strongly believe DC has signed Clarke as a centre back primarily, I would not be surprised if we see a New right back signing announced soon by the name of Leadbitter.

Released by Brizzle Rovers

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I thought that news would make your day.

Let’s hope DC replaces them with much better defenders