Dilemma For Pomlett!

With the January transfer window approaching, pomlett has a decision to make does he stick with what he’s got and risk the chance of promotion by not investing in fresh faces, or does he scrape together some funds to add abit more quality for the promotion push ?

Me personally push the boat out bring in right winger, another central midfielder and a centre back possibly another striker but only if we moved lavery out.

I think if we dont give it a good go this season it will only be harder next season especially with money bags like salford and Mansfield only getting stronger if they don’t get promotion, also chance of Wigan Burton shrewsbury Swindon joining league 2 next season and Big hitters like Bolton and Bradford only a matter of time until these big teams and small teams with big pockets get it right and before you know it we are watching the trap door rather than eyeing promotion, with our poxy transfer budget that aint fit for purpose in the national league let alone league 2.

Ironically winning these games and going on a run might scupper the spend money mentality you speak of.I don’t think we will get many in if any at all the leagues crap DC keeps saying there’s nothing in it so my guess would be no new signings plod on with this bunch.

I think the club have pretty much ruled signings out already unless freebies like Scrimshaw and that other lad.

I’m not too concerned, more than enough in this squad.


What worries me though is a couple of injuries to key players and we will struggle im sure they can find 60k or so which they will make back if we get promotion

I guess that’ll be the same for almost every side in the EFL though.
I genuinely don’t think we can find £60k, and if we could, they know how it might go down after accepting donations and making staff redundant. It wouldn’t look great, and even then there’s no guarantees it brings us promotion. Could be a total flop.


Didn’t look at like to be fair suppose you can’t go making redundancies then splash out in January, shame really as I think we will fall just short of promotion.

What makes you think that? This league is very even / poor (delete as applicable).
If we keep up with the draw / win scenario, we’ll have a very good chance of making the play-offs.
As has been mentioned above, this squad is good enough. I think we’ll only bring someone in if we receive a ridiculous offer for one of the current squad.

Just don’t think we have the strength in depth if we get injuries and if wes decides drop out of form again that’s our attacking threat gone

Would be happy if we could just maybe get a decent experienced right sided winger too give us that option.

If we can offload a couple of players maybe we can bring a couple in to replace them. All free of course!!

Use whatever money we have to tie down our important players for next season and beyond.


100%, this.

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Like it or lump it we aren’t paying any money out.

Would be a bit sour after making people redundant, that wouldn’t sit well with me. Not until fans and cash can start rolling back in.

If we splash cash we turn our bailout money from free cash to loan. Guess what? That ain’t going to happen.

The only hope is if we can offload the likes of Lavery and Sinclair.

Terrible players.

May be able to get some young players on loan from premier clubs who them to get some game time, that’s probably it for this season and it’s just the reality for many clubs at this level.

Extend the Scrimshaw loan needs to be the main priority. Other than that keep things as they are and hope key players stay fit.

Can you still make signings up to end of March or was that stopped? Would be better if they allowed that this year if majority of clubs can get 2k back in by middle of March.

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Indeed especially with a busy festive period coming up I think we have a Saturday off the 9th Jan FA Cup weekend so I believe so be nice to get there injury free.

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Sinclair is not terrible just a bog standard L2 player who’s better days are far behind him.


Exactly he’s terrible :wink: