Direct Debit fund

With the news that the account will be up and running soon with the full support of the club I urge everyone who can to contribute what ever they can , without allowing any understandable negativity regarding Bonser to muddy the water.
As already said on other threads the current situation is way too serious , our club needs our help now .

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How serious , can you provide details please?

the club is not a charity.

If you set up a direct debit you will giving your hard earned money to

  1. Bonser - who take £460k per year from the club in rent
  2. Directors - who take £300k per year from the club in activities securing the rent for Bonser

I agree this is absolute madness!


I think raising money for the club is a good idea… however it needs to go hand in hand with the club being transparent on what the landlord and directors are doing. If money raised is going straight through the club into others pockets then fans are going to be quite rightly ■■■■■■ off.


Have you actually listened to our chairman or virtually every other EFL club

Since this Idea has been planned , I and other posters have consistently said it can only work if there is 100% transparency from all parties concerned regards monies raised and where it goes.
If ISSA and the club can do this which it appears they can I personally have no problems in donating what I can to help my / our club . If others feel that they cannot move past the past , even in the short term that’s there problem , but they would probably be the first on here saying more should have been done if the worst were to happen .
If anyone doesn’t think that our club and the vast majority of other EFL clubs are not in dire straits I really do despair .

I’ve no problem donating money if it goes to the club and is used to keep people in jobs and the club in existence. I’ve already donated to the WSFC crowdfunder and am prepared to donate a bit more each month.

However in the other thread about this scheme it is stated that the club will tell us the total raised each month. It doesn’t say it will tell us where it’s being spent. In fact it goes as far to say it will be at the clubs discretion. If they at least give some idea of what’s happening to it then I’ve no problem with that. But if it’s a case of we’re not telling you anything then I’m not comfortable blindly handing over money which may not be directly helping the club.

What happens if a substantial sum is given each month and unbeknownst to us say 95% is swallowed up by rent and paying debt with whatever crumbs are left over being used on the club?
That may not be what happens but if it’s all behind closed doors then the point is we won’t know.

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Didn’t LP say that they would be announcing this week, the internal cost cutting measures put in place?

Before asking customers to dig into their pockets (many that already have), he should be presenting the case, explaining what the gap is that needs bridging, and what other stakeholders are doing. Players and coaching staff, directors and shareholders, non playing staff, landlord, suppliers, local authority etc.


Hang hang on , a real fan would just hand his money over :wink:

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Like in the late 80’s, entrusting a bunch of charlatans.

Exactly. :+1:

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I’m sure Walsall FC’s “No.1 fan” is setting up a £50k per month direct debit as we speak. :thinking::rofl:

Be nice to think he is , but if he isn’t ( which is obviously doubtful ) that’s even more reason that we do something

Hi, apologies for quoting you. I’m not singling you out or anything like that, I appreciate your views and in no way want to silence them or anything like that.

I just wanted to say that ISSA do not think in this way. It is a personal choice for anyone that wishes to pledge money if they feel they can or want to. No one is more or less of a fan if they donate or not. We all have our own views and we all want Walsall F.C to survive. There should be no slur on anyone who doesn’t wish to donate, whatever their reasoning.

No that’s fine , but there’s a huge misconception that those asking for detail do not care.

Infact I would say it’s quiet the opposite, I care dearly about my club but have huge concerns over the running of it.


ISSA (DH) earlier post suggested that people that have a different view should not comment.

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Speaking my own personal views here, I think when @Dhforever wrote that it was to keep the thread on topic for those that wish to donate, not to silence anyone’s views. Also to make it very clear what the situation is. Not trying to be disrespectful in any way to peoples views. Just honesty which is the way ISSA operates. No one was being made to feel like they had to contribute quite the opposite. It is definitely a personal choice.

ISSA must insist that these benevolent benefactors should should recieve share capital in WFC in exchange for sending their money into the Bonser pension fund

Personally I couldn’t give a damm about share capital , I just want to help the club in what is probably the dodgiest period in many years ,if not the worst .
If we are not careful there won’t be anything to have any share capital in , I believe the situation is that serious .