Dobson Contract Extension


With the club until 2021…


Good move. Only 21 yesterday! Plays with maturity way above that.


Think Keates said in pre-season that young players should have 100 appearances under their belts by age 20-21. Good to see him back that up with contracts.








We will still sell him for peanuts


This is great news. Hasn’t quite been himself last few weeks and maybe this has been a distraction.

Get the impression that Keates wants to get building blocks of his first squad in place quickly.


Good news …I rate him highly.


That’s a good point, you do actually forgot how young he is at times as when he was on top form a while back there’s maturity to his play a 25 year old would have.

First loan spell here was only 18-19 and wasn’t that bothered when he went back tbh but done very well in his second spell with the famous goal v Northampton guarenteeing his place in Walsall folklore.

Feel he needs a better midfielder alongside him, Osbourne’s played 10 games and already looks spent and I always felt him and Chambers was just a bit one paced as a combo.

Big if but if Joe Edwards can come back and get close to his old level that should be a pretty decent league 1 central midfield partnership. Goals, drive, decent passing.


Great news!

Cracking prospect. Done very well as captain considering he’s so young. I feel the one match ban following his next yellow card has been hanging over his head and affecting his game. Was superb in the second half against Coventry.

George is the closest thing I have to a man crush :flushed::smiley:


Very happy. Shows he has faith in the club and what they are doing. Hopefully some others are in the pipeline and will follow suit.


This is because the Baggies are sniffing for a January sale.


Very good news. Agree we need someone to share the loss a bit more and take pressure off the defence.


Yes it’s a good thing, but one of the only reasons we usually offer extended contracts is because a bigger club has made their interest in him known. And we all know how that scenario plays out :roll_eyes:


True. Apparently he’s already on Albion’s radar…


And there you have it, that’s probably why they have loaned out players to us, and what has been playing on the lads mind to affect his game.


That and the fact he’s been on his fourth yellow card for about 6 weeks!


If I was him, I would look at what games are coming up, look to see when we have an easier run and get the 5th booking out of the way beforehand so that he can come back into the team when we will really need him.


Thinking of it like that, a booking at Fleetwood would have been a disaster with Sunderland, Sunderland, Portsmouth coming up…