Does Flynn care anymore?

I have never seen a manager so dejected
He looks lost, no motivation , no drive, hardly even seen pitch side guiding or motivating his players
Happy to play negative football and players
Imo he wants out

Lots of these players are conference players at best. Allen. Comley. Knowles.

Utter wank again

If he doesn’t care then he needs to fook off. It’s his team.


Honestly the nonsense that’s spouted on this page. This is especially precious.


Knowles?? You have to be taking the piss?

He’s one of the only players taking it to the opposition.


I’m sat here thinking are we cursed by the bonser era ,years of that man bleeding the club dry has absolutely sucked the the life and sole out the club and fans,hope I’m wrong but starting to doubt a positive turn around of the club,
New owners , very good playing budget ,good manager at this level ,I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s fading I just hope I’m proven wrong and jumping the gun to soon

Really ?

I think we had a budget that would have been fantastic in the last season, but was not ready or prepared for THIS season, as players wages probably outweighed what we were expecting

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Player ratings
Evans > 5
looked unsure at times with crosses
Bennett >7
Again showed the other players what is required. Good performance.
Allen> 5 poor defensively and going forward .
White>4 At fault for the goal . Should not be starting games.
Monthe>6. Not his best game .He is not a LB.flynn moved him there to accommodate white. Did make a goal saving tackle 2nd half.
Daniels>5 poor distribution
Comley>5 showed very little apart from getting booked.
Kinsella> 5 To many simple balls even when he had time to drive forward .
Hutchinson.>4 Was poor all night . Should have came off earlier…
Knowles> 6 Tried his best to make things happen. Has his goal at last which should give him confidence.
DJ.>5 Not his best game but was feeding off scraps.
Maddox >7 made an impact when he came on . Good touch and intelligent With the ball. look forward to seeing more of him.
Williams>5 Try’s hard but slow and past his best.

Can we put this onto the What’s wrong with UTS thread? What an absurd thread. It really does make it a bit of a laughing stock.


Sorry meant to put that on the match thread . If the mods could move :+1:

In his last three league games he has an assist, a penalty win and a goal.

He’s not perfect, but he’s more than adequate for League Two.


fair assesment gavin 77 , bennett motm by a mile,maddox did ok but not worthy of a 7 the same mark you gave bennett

Ironic he finally scored tonight cause he was poor.

Lovely goal though.

I think he miss hit it :grin: :wink:

Have you ever thought of getting a blue rinse mate :wink::joy:

Without his pass we don’t score the equaliser. Don’t think we have another player who’d have seen that or played it from there.

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Agreed. Typical football. Easily the worst he’s played and yet takes the hardest chance he’s had.

Fair play to him.

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