Don’t Look Back In Anger – a 2010’s Review

An excellent read from the No Nobhead Policy:


Utterly depressing but absolutely accurate.


I thought just the same.

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Who is this guy that writes so eloquently of our demise?
Brilliant, sums up the way most of us feel currently…empty…passionless, every time we play a club slightly higher than our vaunted 17th spot, we think to ourselves…how many will they get against us today? sad, sad, sad.

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I think you’ll be unsurprised to know they’re a regular on here…

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What a brilliantly written piece. Bravo

Great read…especially the bit about a man who claims to be a supporter. Buys the club as our saviour .fills his pockets with as much gold as possible then leaves us in a worse state than when he brought the club 30years previously.


Who is it Exile ?

Think it’s Thanatos/Metfanwy/Bangor/Saarland etc :+1:

The decade started with Chris Hutchings in charge.

Bleak times but does show once a decade a decent manager does pop up and you have to trust him to build things as DS did.

Disappointing how quickly all that good work was dismantled from his successors. Probably a tale of managerial appointments in last ten years I think as there’s been plenty of good players at the club in that time.

bang on about the transfer window in that 2015/16 season was saying it myself while the usual suspects online like magic man fan where sucking the club off because we did not sell anyone we really needed to strengthen in my opinion and we did not.huge mistake and showed the lack of ambition for me ambition isn’t keeping players you already have it’s adding to it and making sure you have the best chance of success I don’t blame Smith for leaving he probably knew what was coming more so than a few people who frequent the Bonser suite after games and think they know everything that goes on.huge missed opportunity that’s season was for me

It’s not. This piece is by the other Darren. The one I didn’t know posted on here but apparently does.

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It’s a top secret R&W…:wink:

great piece, so well written

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Agree that squad was threadbare and ultimately it cost us promotion.

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Spot on. I’m embarrassed to say I got caught up in that and it makes me cringe to think how we were praising the club for simply not selling anyone in January.

Shows how much our hope and expectations had been ground down if anything.

We end the decade in a position we would have found ourselves in much sooner were it not for the flukey appointment of Dean Smith. He kept the sinking ship afloat for a while, but unlike the author of that article I think our days as a typical third tier club are over. We’ve found our new level now.


Every single director of the club needs to read that article in its entirity.
The most damning indictment is that we are now in a worse position with a worse team than 1990.
It’s scarcely believable.


Good writing by the big fella as usual. I’d like to be able to disagree and say it is too negative and gloomy, but he’s nailed it.

A lot of it i agree with.

Fairly accurate reflection of the facts and equals my own feelings regarding thoughts on the positives and negatives etc

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