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Independent saddlers supporters association

Big shout out to the Issa over 60s walking football team

Last night Issa over 60s walking football team played a game against local rivals rushall warriors at the railway club

Both sides had an impromptu collection and raised £70. Which was handed over to us by Mike banks to be used as we saw fit in the community

We have decided to use the £70. Towards. Seeds etc. for the local schoolchildren who now have there own community allotment within the grounds of the railway club ,

As you are all aware the kids grow there own produce and then distribute the food. to the most vulnerable within our community including the elderly and local. Food kitchens

This not only. Gives the children an outside learning centre but also fully integrates them within the community they live in, and some of the children are from the most deprived areas of the bourough , yet. Nurture. There allotment with pride and care and delight in. Handing over the fruits of there work, so all in. all. another excellent project delivered by Issa and all those involved

On behalf off. The independent Sadlers supporters Association.
Issa football club and the Lmrca railway club A huge thank you

The £70: will certainly be put to good use


Great thing to do.

No doubt that there won’t be as many comments on here than the badges post though.


Now this is what I’m talking about :handshake:

This is what ISSA do very very well :clap:t2:


Bloody lovely :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

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Bravo all involved. Now this is something to be proud of, thank you all involved in raising the funds…

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Raising money for good causes. :+1:

Peddling sectarian
tat. :-1:

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