Doncaster Feedback


Hello again everyone

First of all, I would like to thank the 462 Walsall fans who made the trip to Doncaster today.

If you have any feedback on your visit to the Keepmoat Stadium both good and bad then please let me know. If there is anything we can improve to make your experience better then please get in touch.

You can leave a comment, tweet me at @drfc_away, find my page on Facebook DRFC SLO or my email is

Also if you can spare a few minutes to complete the below survey regarding your visit to Doncaster Rovers we would be very grateful.

Thank you again and all the best for the rest of the season.

Kind regards
Dean Medcalf
Supporter Liaison Officer
Doncaster Rovers Football Club

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Survey completed. Other than the result, great day and very impressed with the setup. Certainly one of the better away experiences this season.



It comes to something when an opposing team ask us for more feedback than our club ever do. ■■■■■■■ tin pot amateurs at the top of WFC



Spot on Sadsfan & congratulations Doncaster.

Our club doesn’t even survey the plumbing let alone the fans.



Can you imagine our lot doing this? Nah, nor me.

They’d say “If you didn’t enjoy it go and eff off somewhere else”.



That’s a bit unfair Tinned.

I recently received a survey from the club asking the question:

When visiting the toilets, do you prefer the ■■■■ to cover
A) Your feet
B) Your ankles
C) Your knees



I’m of the opinion that our leadershiphave actually forgotten we’re a football club first and foremost…

Let’s face it - we are a commercial entity with a football club within it… the fact that this means we a secondary element for JB and his cohorts should put into focus for all fans what a shambles of a club we’ve become…

I seriously wonder if we are seeing the rapid demise of WFC as a league football club…



We are Coop and have been for a while!

Walsall FC is dying a slow death and will continue to do so under the landlord. Relegation this season and lower half next, will only accelerate the process.

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Perhaps you’d be so kind as to give some pointers to our utter sham of a board as to how your club have managed to build itself from Conference level on gates of 2,000 into a team that’s recently had several seasons in the Championship and looks set to have another crack at the L1 playoffs.

See, our club’s ultimate goal is the Championship, by their own comments. They’re just not quite sure on the fine details of how we go about getting there. And by that I of course mean they haven’t got a ■■■■■■■ clue what they’re doing and only exist to perpetuate a business model intent on maintaining the commercial elements of the club while keeping the football as a sideline.



Donny, another club that we sat above in the pyramid for many years and would have considered to be a lesser club. Used to enjoy a trip up to Belle Vue in the days when they mixed with the big boys in Div 3.
Now look at them and look at us. Good luck to them and their supporters - a club truly transformed.

I’m down in the smoke next weekend for the lads 21st and we are going out for lunch with his girlfriends parents, prior to her old man nipping off to Wembley to watch his beloved Brighton in the FA cup semi final. Another club we used to spar with on a regular basis. I remember the 6-0 stuffing we gave them when Clough was manager in 74 and the younger fans will remember the 1-0 win with 9 men in front of 5-6 thousand at the Withdean. Another club transformed.

As for us? In those years we have also been transformed, ready for non league.



Bet Donny don’t have An Evening With Dean Saunders on their events calendar for the year though. Be thankful for what you have.



No they just had him as a manager who took them top of this league before he left for the dingles



Terrible experience of modern football, arrived far too early due to a clear motorway, greeted cheerfully and respectfully by smiling staff. Upon entering the ground the facilities were clean and again the staff were more than friendly and was served quickly . The toilets were not what I’m used to, so the wellies weren’t required, another minus. My faith in football was only restored when Walsall went 2-0 down inside the first 3 mins, glad to see Walsall still get the basics right.



Which was perfectly summed up the other Saturday when we were live on sky and kicking off at 12pm. 5 Live spoke to Pat Murphy who was at the game, and they commented on Walsall, ‘an example of a well run club’ and all they talked about was, could you guess, how well the sunday market was doing (and how we were one of the first to initiate and see the opportunity of doing those) as well as how we were doing well using the ground for commercial ventures and events. Not one mention of the team, the chairman and how crap our budget is and reasons why, or the footballing side. All that got a mention was that Dean Keates was an ex player trying to keep us in the division. I was seething in the car when I heard all that PR rubbish, clearly steered by the club, and if it wasn’t for the kids in the back seat, would have been even more vociferous with my choice of words.

Rant over