Doncaster Rovers (H) Sep 15th, 3pm


Cook has done what he’s needed to do, in his defence all the crosses have been over the top of him.

Six added mins…


Attendance today 4,546 (according to the best available source)

Doncaster Rovers score again, to give us a familiar home scoreline of 1-4 :tired_face:


4-1 Doncaster, challenge for Keates to motivate again now.


A double bolt from the blue. Defeat for the Saddlers, and now Typhoon Mangkhut…


Bump :unamused:


Seems like one of those days when everything Donny have hit have gone in.

Oxford, Accrington and Sloppies next three up, still good chance of points in all three games.


Never a 4-1 game but Donny the better side. Ronan needs to start.


According to another poster (David), Ronan needs to go back to the Dingles !!


Tell that to DavidWFC…he’s a big fan of Ronan…


We expected to lose some time - but not like that! Shades of JW?

Players fighting each other as well. :dizzy_face:




Don’t call the man in the middle a referee he was the man with the whistle shocking display by the man with the whistle lost the game at 2.00 o’clock when the team sheet went in bad decisions to play cookie and morris after last weeks performance by the starting eleven


Ref was atrocious - made some truly baffling decisions. Fair play to Donny, they seemed to have come with a game plan and executed it well. Some very good finishes from them, even though it was never a 4-1 game.

On a side note - I understand having a will to win, but two players from the same team squaring up together in the middle of a game is ridiculous, they all win and lose as a team.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

He doesn’t add anything we haven’t already got in the squad, we lost today’s game when he came on for Osbourne as we lost the defensive midfielder which Ronan and Dobson aren’t and I’d choose Dobson to start.


Apart from that 50 yard ping straight to Zeli for our best chance of the second half I agree with you…


**** Antony Coggins the useless ****


It’s very rare you can apportion defeat to the referee but the referee really did cost us today. Terrible decision with the penalty and completely lost control of the match there on in. That said, we weren’t at our best today but ******* hell Coggins was simply atrocious


Ref wasn’t great but we didn’t do ourselves any favours. Let them wind us up, bought into their gamesmanship and lost the battle in midfield.

Another day with a better ref we would have built on that lead but have to say Doncaster played the circumstances better this afternoon.

Bunch of blokes behind me giving Cook stick for 90 minutes, can’t remember him getting one bit of quality service…


Feel as tho cookie needs time at this level but I think he needs to do himself a favour and lose a few pounds and get himself sharper because he’s up against league 1 defences now .if he does that sure we will see the best of the Cookie Monster.


Disappointed, obs, but it was going to happen sometime. :cry: Mind you, a narrow defeat in a tough away game would be easier to swallow. And then, of course, there’s the ref. I wasn’t there but condemnation appears to be universal. No one has said it but was the handball correct or is the referee just an unspeakable onanist? Onwards and upwards! In DK we trust (all others pay cash :grin:).