Donervon Daniels

Much better than Ash Taylor for me anyone got any thoughts on him?


Agree 100%

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They make a formidable back 3.


Not a high bar to meet really.

Impressed so far though

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Impressed so far and I like the look of the 3 at the back yesterday. Ash Taylor was just dreadful… we were warned.

I think my wardrobe would be better than Ash Taylor, although to be fair, it would need emptying. Leave it full and Taylor probably has a slight edge.
I think Daniels looks decent, early days but could be an asset.


Your dress sense that bad is it? :grin:

He looks a very good CB for this level. The back 3 of Daniels, Monthe and Menayese could be formidable.

Shame its 3 months too late

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Shaky start poor header back against The Gas but he’s come on leaps and bounds the last game or so.I also think Devine needs a mention with how he’s settled in and here’s one for you all…will Devine get another game after Shades performance??

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Not at all, I have the very finest in platform shoes, tie-dye t-shirts, paisley shirts with penny-round collars, Oxford bags, tank-tops and Afghan coats. Plus a selection of cravats for when I need that smart-casual look.

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Made the one error at Bristol Rovers, but apart from that I’m a big fan.

Would definitely offer him a new deal in the summer.


Does it matter? Neither are our players. If we think we’ve got a chance I’d signing one of them though then that’s who would start next game.

He’s been solid the last 2 games and seems to be improving, personally I would take a punt on him he’s solid at this level.

Hope Fullarton has learned his lesson with Khan and we get him signed up beyond the end of the season.

It matters for the remainder of the season and for the early education of Devines career I just thought after Shades positive performance it was an area we could highlight to talk about.Wish I hadn’t have bothered now :wink:

Let’s not get him fit and release him, he has potential and so does the back 3.
It’s like we have never done that before

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He’s been excellent. Really really good. My only question mark would be why Crewe were prepared to release him as he easily looks capable of League 1 football

I think that Donervon’s problem when he first came here was lack of actual proper game time. The more minutes he gets on the pitch the better he will get. if we are to stick with this 3 CBs as Flynn’s preferred formation then we could do a lot worse than Monthe, Menayese and Daniels as our first choice CBs. I wouldn’t mess with them!!!


Not the most mobile but hasn’t been too bad since coming. Looks good with a good defender next to him, wouldn’t want to have to rely on him next to a Mayo or a Leak in a two (not bad players but not first choice).

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Standing near the pitch Saturday the three you wouldn’t want to meet in the dark they looked frightening.