Douglas James-Taylor Signs

Striker from Stoke on a season long loan


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Well thought of at Stoke. Scored plenty of goals for under23s
6foot2 plus good in the air
Good addition to the squad

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Another signing who we have never heard of and had no experience in football league… we have signed alot of unknowns so far hope it dont backfire

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Just signed a 1yr contract with Stoke, saw him play for the under 23s and a definite improvement on Miller and Philips

Must be poshest player to ever play for Walsall surely?’ :rofl::rofl:

Welcome to Walsall, Lord Douglas! :tophat:

Not enamoured with this one to be honest, but lets see what he can do first. Hope he’s got some pace.

He’s done very well at his level, but he’s clearly not good enough yet to play for Sjoke in the Championship. This move gives him a chance to play at a level in between those two. From our point of view he’s not gonna cost us much (if anything) and he’s going to add some height and pace to our attack.
Welcome to Walsall Douglas.

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Good luck to the lad, I hope he does well. I can’t help thinking though that it’s a bit similar to us signing Shade on loan last season. Let’s hope this guy turns out better.

Tbf he sounds pretty decent but we need a couple of proven forwards / wingers and I see no sign of those coming. No additional money being spent whatsoever ‘on the face of it’

Before someone jumps down my throat

Wonder if he’ll form a quartet of strikers this season?..

Welcome to WFC Douglas & make sure you score us stacks of goals.

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He could gain a lot from Williams if he plays along side him.

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If he’s half as good as N’goy…

Don’t have an issue with development striker coming in IF an experienced striker is also signed.


We’ve signed Andy Williams

Not every experienced league 1/2 striker has to be 35. Dom Telford is experienced league striker as is Andy Cook, neither are close to Williams age so that’s what I meant. Hiwula another who fits that category.

Someone 27/28 and Williams is back up to that off the bench or starting the third game when there’s three in a week.

That’s a loan with a bit of potential sorted. Add a more experienced one with a half decent record and jobs a goodun.


Looks a good signing, plenty of promise. One more to come and I think that’s our lot.

You genuinely think that’s gonna happen lol. And I’m the one that talks nonsense!!!

Tbf, you did say that we wouldn’t sign another player… :man_shrugging:

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Don’t feed the troll folks.