Dsa statement

As some may be aware a statement has been issued by the disabled supporters association, , stating they will no longer attend working party meetings at club due to issues they have with the trust at this point in time

I want to state categorically that this statement that although Issa and other. Fan groups, are mentioned within statement, That it is a dsa. Sole statement.

And it references Issa and other fan organisations purely for information purposes. ,as to why dsa have felt the need. To issue said statement This has been confirmed. After me having a conversation with. Ian Buckingham. Chair of the dsa, Who has confirmed that he. In no way was implying that Issa or other fan groups where. Part of. Said statement being issued, And again. Said it is the sole. Thoughts of the dsa. And confusion is arriving. With. People thinking it is a joint statement from dsa. Issa and other fan groups when it clearly is not

Issa also. Took the same course of action that dsa
have now implemented, months back, Citing that in the case of Issa we found it impossible to have a working relationship with trust, And have from that point in time have dealt with the club on a one to one basis and this was relayed to other fan groups.

To clarify. The statement has not been released by the independent saddlers supporters association
It is the thoughts of the Walsall fc dsa

As said Issa have had no input. Into this dsa statement. Being issued, it is the sole thoughts of the wfc disabled supporters association. And is. Therefore. Nothing to do with the independent saddlers supporters association, Who are receiving queries in relation to said statement
All further queries should be put to the relevant fangroup who have issued said statement