Dutton has Left the Building!

So the new era starts now! Mr Fullarton over to you…who do you have in mind?

An update too from the club: https://bit.ly/3xZrB9N

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The right decision for the long term future of the club.

Hard work begins now though…This was the easy decision of the summer to make.

It always feels mean to be happy when someone loses their job but for the good of our club yes!!! Well done pomlett x


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo8jDL_Rhh4& - New Pomlett video

Hopefully a slightly more detailed statement will be forthcoming soon. I have some time and sympathy for his contribution (bringing kids through, tightening defense up…) , but think this clean break was necessary after ongoing decline and such a catastrophic season. Hopefully this is the start of Fullarton making his presence felt and I hope that plans are already well underway in terms of new candidates, retention / retained list and possible transfer targets. Onwards and upwards.


Thank ■■■■ it’s over. Time to move forward.


I hope he does well in his future career, and if he returns to Bescot with another team I’ll happily give him a respectful welcome (unlike Darrell, which will be strictly expletives undeleted) but it is the right decision for WFC.


I also wish Brian Dutton well. Brave to step up at a time of need but never the right person at the right time.

I hope he gets fixed up quickly.

As for us, we need to get fixed up really quickly. I hope we aren’t just beginning to search now. I’d hope we’ve already got a short list of credible and available candidates.


Fullarton in pretty much control of this appointment by the sounds of it, bets on Shaun Derry.


Pomlett pretty much confirmed that Fullarton has started the search today. I presume he would have already started after looking at a couple of our games…


Right decision but wish him all the best in the future, I’ll try and keep an eye on his coaching career and I hope he smashes it. But was the best decision for us to get someone fresh in.

Never the man for the job and I’m glad the club have finally seen that (even if this decision was made previously it was obvious from about 5 games in).

I’d say I wish him well … but I don’t wish anyone well in football that isn’t wearing a Walsall FC badge.


This job will look daunting. But actually it isn’t a bad gig just now. Our expectations are very low. Many of us would settle for a mid table finish with more than just signs of a sustainable rebuild.

In football terms that is as good as it gets in terms of fans’ hopes and dreams for the upcoming season.


I still think he’ll end up at Vale. Probably not as assistant as seems they’re overflowing with them but he’ll probably end up somewhere in their youth setup.

Or perhaps as head coach but will be way down the non league pyramid given his general record here.

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Perhaps Salisbury but no one is going to look beyond his played 20 won 3 record. How could you sell that to your fan base?

Yes and no. Our expectations are low ,but so are the standards in this division. Cambridge et al have shown a bit of organising, and a goalscorer can get you out.

On the other hand, whether that’s enough to keep you out is another matter. Another season here might not be too bad IF it means you build a squad that can stay in League One. To give a perspective, in the end, the team Hibbitt, then Nicholl built turned out to be way better than what was needed to stay in the third tier ,
whereas two of the last season’s promoted have gone straight back. In that context, it will be interesting to see how Cambridge do next season.


Sad for him in a way, dont like to see anyone losing their job , but pleased it is the right decision.

Now if the club can quickly move on to the released and retained list of players moving forward.


Hutchings barely won a game in his two prem stints at Bradford and Wigan.

DD had a very good league one record and won the league below…and he was still managing in non league within about 18 months of leaving here.

Management is a bit of roulette…loads of bang average managers stay at top level for years before they finally get worked out while some decent ones do brilliantly at one club but then the next dosen’t work out quite so well and suddenly they’re in depths of non league.

Two options for BD. Goes to Vale and works in background for guy he obviously gets on with on and off the pitch and joins coaching staff of club somewhere in non league and when the time comes again he takes over at a level probably more suited to his level so up to him what he makes of it with a bit more experience.

He’ll be o.k I think.

Feel like starting a conga

I personally get the feeling after watching the Pomletts update they have already identified someone.
They just don’t want to give the impression they went behind BD’s back