Dutton has Left the Building!

Just depends on what the budget is I think.

Any ambitious manager would look at the dealings in January and laugh their head off. As much as I’d love a Wellens or Tidsdale type to come in they’ve been managers in this league in last few years of teams with top 3 budgets (Franchise, Salford, Swindon) so I can’t really see why those types would be interested at all. Wellens at Salford was signing Ian Henderson for example and he had luxury at Swindon of sending Adebayo back because he wasn’t cutting it and they probably had 6 other strikers on their books.

In fairness DC got a reasonable enough budget when he first came in. Was enough to get in two Bristol regular starters from the league above, Guthrie and Lavery who’d had loans at higher levels than league two.

That was the problem, the 4-5 experienced signings in key positions just haven’t worked out that well and will make or break the next coach aswell. Sir Ray and Dean Smith got them bang on and Whitney in fairness did o.k in 2016 aswell when he first came in.

Still think one of best candidates for present situaiton is John McGreal. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t interviewed. Not earth shattering but I’d be o.k with it as he feels “Walsall.”

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Yes. I think Pomlett had personally invested in Dutton, but realised that he couldn’t appoint a DoF to make such decisions ,then immediately overall him.

This 100%. I think it’s pretty clear that this is a decision that has just been waiting to be finalised for a few weeks now.

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Excellent news don’t think I’ve ever felt so relieved to be honest,what I will say regardless of my feelings is good luck in the future Brian and thanks for giving it a try.


Exactly this on paper DC was a shrewd appointment but i think that the wage structure he had to work with meant that players he identified were probably out of that price range and we ended up with 3rd/4th choices in the end along with some players who were deemed that they had potential.

Those few more expensive signings we make this season are crucial this summer.

I agree, but I’m not expecting someone with significant league 2 experience, because they probably be more knowledgeable than Fullerton. Perhaps Kelly from Barrow but not Wellens.

Clarke is the baddie here. He left everyone in the lurch, including his apparent mate. If that’s how he treats his friends, what’s he like with everyone else? Some of the over-the-top criticism of Dutton has been playing right into Clarke’s hands.

Hopefully we’ll be back in the ground to give him a ‘warm welcome’ when he brings his terracotta bummers to WS1.

The right decision on Dutton though. Frustrating as it was he did get us over the line, but there’s too much gone on and not enough reasons to persevere to be worth giving him a shot. Clean slate.


Can’t help thinking that we will find something else to moan about in the coming months :grin:

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I’m just happy we haven’t dithered and delayed and we’ve sorted it straight away I for one thought we would do so hands up I was wrong and I’m glad I am.Let’s see who we appoint then part of me is excited part of me is apprehensive but time will tell,what a few weeks and months we have ahead it’s going to be a busy one let’s hope it’s an exciting one.


Clarke had swung from false dawn to false dawn, with the occasional " could we actually be relegated?" in between the mediocrity. Dutton was more of same ,except there was more of the " relegated?" with him. Good riddance to both. To me, it looks like Pomlett wanted Clarke continuity, but has realised that, if you decide to appoint a DoF, you have to abide by his decisions.


Knew something was up when my wife received a message from Yodel that her package would be delivered by ‘Brian’ this afternoon. Couldn’t be could it? :wink:


Very strange video from Pomlett.

Agreed, although I’m prepared to give Dutton more sympathy because he wasn’t a traitor. In my mind he at the very least kept us up. What did Clarke actually achieve, with all his badges and bravado?


Good decision taken nice and early like the fact pomlett agrees that 19th in league 2 is unacceptable for this club.

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Yep. Job was too big for DC.

I think Pomlett’s conscience should be easy. He rewarded Dutton’s loyalty by giving him 20 games to prove himself. We were bottom of the league on those 20 games. Enough said.


Yep and like Pomlett said that’s just not good enough or acceptable for Walsall fc under any circumstances.

I wouldn’t be adverse to Kelly. Did a great job keeping them up

Right decision, we now move on!

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I think that Pomlett gave a very strong and positive announcement in his video. It is good that he has done this today and not let the conjecture and rumours drag on any longer than it needed to. I would have thought that his mind would have been already made up a few weeks ago to be honest. It is further positive news that they are going to approach the candidates that the Club want rather than waste time with an open application to all in sundry. I would like to think that Fullerton would have already been given the nod a couple of weeks ago to start identifying and talking to those targets that he feels are the best candidates out there. Hence I would like to think that an appointment could be confirmed by the end of this week. I do not see why this is an unrealistic expectation, but then again this is Walsall FC!!!

I am not going to waste any more time talking about Dutton as thankfully he has gone, and that is the end of that sad episode as far as I am concerned. It’s done and we cant change what happened over the past few months. Instead let’s end the negativity and bring back the positive vibes and let us work towards all pulling together and for a better and successful 2021-2022 season. It is time to move positively forward now and ensure that the next head coach appointment is absolutely spot on, and get behind him (or her) and give our full support.

Of course, the addition of good solid signings and maybe a marquee player would certainly go along way towards regaining the belief amongst the fan base as well. But let’s first see who the new head coach will be and just pray that we get this one right.

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