Dutton has Left the Building!

Dutton is better off earning a wage as back room staff

Only 92 Pro League Clubs
Chuck in NL + N/S say 30/40 pro teams max
The Women’s pro teams

There are 150 positions there as Professional Full Time Managers.

Always coaching and youth dev roles which he is clearly better suited to

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OMG :joy:
‘Project Refresh’ to be pronounced in the manner of Alan Partridge.
Classic stuff Leigh.

Right decision, but that’s the easy part done.
Good luck to Dutton, hopefully he’ll have a decent career.

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Right decision, but that was the easiest one. I hope BD will find a new job soon. It was tough here, but at the end, in a results based business, the results weren’t that good. Probably it came too soon for him. Or maybe everyone knew, it is only a temporary fix and nothing more. Anyway, good luck and time for another summer rebuilding. Or laying foundations for that Championship push.

Thought video was good to be fair, positive and optimistic. Project refresh was a bit Alpha Pappa, but whatever.

Now for a change in the board, a proven striker, new manager and the club Shop website working.


I think Dutton knew when he gave that strange interview a couple of weeks ago. I wonder who will make/has made the decisions about who is being released?

I am quite optimistic about next season. Only relegation would be worse than this year. If Holden does stay, we have a decent midfield set, with Perry looking as if he can provide the deep lying role. Up front is where Fullarton will know we are lacking and perhaps a big centre half. I wish Salford had gone up but we can beat anyone else.

This is why I think that it is highly likely that an appointment will be made this week. I would assume that Fullerton would be the one ultimately making the decision about the retained list, but then it would make sense for the new HC to also have an input. You can’t however get away from the issue that there aren’t many of those players currently out of contract that deserve a new contract offer.

As you correctly say the biggest issue is up front where even with Adebayo we have not fired properly for 2 years now. Scoring goals has not been one of our strong points.

Best of luck to Brian. Seemed like a nice enough guy.
Ultimately this fine mess is all down to Clarke.

Would have loved us to finish above Vale. Sadly not to be.
Let’s hope we do next season.


I’m not sure why, as the Chairman stated, we owe Brian Dutton a debt of gratitude. I would like him to explain that further.
If it’s simply because he agreed to take on the mantle of Head Coach after the swift departure of Clarke, with the inference being we were in the lurch and needed to make a quick appointment, then that speaks more of our desperation, or unwillingness to explore externally for more suitable candidates, even if it took a little while longer.

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I know Dutton’s results did not look good but he took over at a time when we had lost our only real goal threat and what I considered a quality defender. He then changed the way we played to work to the limited strengths we had and he managed to get us playing some decent quality football at times but just lacking goals.

With the right players coming in who knows what he could have achieved, I think he showed enough to suggest he could make a manager but hey, onwards and upwards we go. I just hope we don’t get a manager who thinks the way to play is by hoofing it as far as you can and defending it as it comes straight back.


When? I must’ve missed it

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All that needs to be said is “thanks Leigh for dealing with this without further delay”. Now lets get some positivity around the club, and start to excite fans again. It’s been a long time coming.


He wasn’t just bad, he was abysmal. The," but Adebayo " argument only goes so far. He completely failed to adapt to his absence. And this wasn’t, by his own admission, a situation that was thrust on him. If you, as he did, claim responsibility for signing Melbourne and Wright, you have, by that same claim ,accepted responsibility for failing to sign a remotely adequate forward to replace Adebayo. If you’ve forgotten the forwards we loaned in January, there’s a good reason for that.


The only reason I can think that Pomlett owes Dutton a debt of gratitude is because he persuaded him to stay (for reasons I still can’t grasp) when a job offer at Port Vale was on the table. We as a club don’t owe him anything. Everything from the bizarre tactics at the start of his “tenure”, to selling out the players in the press at each loss, to claiming he signed all the ‘better’ players (presuming he had nothing to do with the rest), and his sheer arrogance in thinking he knew it all. His legacy will be 3 wins in 20 and giving Sam Perry a go. Other than the latter, I’m glad to see the back of him. We can finally lay to rest the Clarke/Dutton era which served up some of the worst football I’ve ever had the pleasure in watching.


Wish the bloke all the best, had to work with some dross and put up with dross but he should have done more on the pitch, glad he is gone. Sam Perry can be his positive.

Onwards and upwards.


That would be brilliant if Perry was his legacy at our place.

I once spent a lovely afternoon in the company of Alf Wood who managed us for just one year in the early sixties. The brevity of his tenure as a result of a poor record that saw us avoid relegation by only a couple of points in his fullest season. So a pretty forgettable time. Except for the fact that he signed and gave a debut to Allan Clarke which immediately levitates the legacy of his time with us.


Spends 5 minutes praising him after he’s given him the sack :joy:

Definitely the right decision by Leigh, one made with his head and not his heart.


No you didn’t.

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