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Going against the grain I know. Before I start I acknowledge that our position is woeful, worst team I have seen in over 40 years, the club needs sorting from top to bottom, we have no strikers worthy of the name, Dutton’s record of now wins would of got him sacked at most places (same as Smith), the DoF is a massive appointment and LP needs to get stuff right in the summer. Having said that the improvement (apart from Barrow, Sarfend and Grimsby) is there for all to see. Football is better, he has tightened us up at the back (Graydon and Dosh started from the back), he has bought our kids through, Leak is worth a contract, Perry has been a revelation and needs signing on 3 year deal, Osadebe remains erratic but has something, we have 2 good keepers competing for a place, Holden is class, Clarke has been a legend as has Saddler. From the most gash season ever there is hope. I like way Dutton has made us hard to beat and brought our kids through. Dutton in


100% :+1:


Tin hat on :rofl:


Will Dutton win 20 games next season?

I just don’t see it. I don’t want us to be a playground for a head coach to be honest at this level.

For me, if he’s going to get the job we need to win 3 minimum of the last 6 to prove yesterday wasn’t a fluke.


The big mystery for me is why Clarke didn’t give Perry a chance earlier in the season. Hopefully we may see Willis now he is fit before it ends and maybe Campbell from the youth team on the wing. Mc Donald seems to have lost interst so I would certainly be happy to give the kid a chance.


:joy: we’ve literally waited 14 games so people can go “see! He is the man for the job!”

Our board included


Bet you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself now. :+1:


I totally disagree with a lot of what you say, put it down to emotions which are understandable in the current nightmare. But remember how hysterical this board was when Smith had his nightmare run. Not saying I am right and you are wrong and acknowledge what LP needs to do, but in this current nightmare when clutching for straws is my way forward, he has made us hard to beat and brought kids through, and we not exactly spoiled for choice so would give him a go, ideally with a competent DoF in place


Smith out!
Ee’s gorra gew!

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He needs to do more than win one game :see_no_evil:

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I’m not going to suddenly claim he’s the man for the job when for the last however many weeks I’ve criticised everything he has done and criticised Pomlett for saying one thing and doing another, however, I think now that we’ve finally got that win to make us safe it’s important to take a step back and take a look at the last 14 games. I think there are things I maybe ignored at the time as I was desperate for us to just get a win or two to be safe.

Let’s look at when he first took over, he instantly wanted to improve the football, and for a short while he did but it had a negative impact on our defence. They aren’t good enough/the type to play it out from the back and we were making simple errors and conceding sloppy goals (as we had all season to be fair).

Dutton knew this and so he ripped that up and went about making us more solid at the back, and we definitely are. That though impacted our attacking play and we were forced to sit through some terrible, frustrating, boring games, but looking back we did become more difficult to beat, but we were never going to win those games either.

In the last few weeks though you can see we’ve obviously improved our attacking play, all while crucially staying defensively solid. Holden coming back plays a massive part in that, but he is our best player. Take the best player out of any side in this league and they’ll be worse off for it obviously.

Although we haven’t exactly scored loads, you can’t blame Dutton for that. We have started to create the chances, it isn’t his fault the only man who could put them away on a regular basis was sold and not replaced.

There’s no denying that you can see what he has done on the training ground is starting to take shape on the pitch.


April Fools Day was last week :smiley::wink::see_no_evil:

Just watched his goal from yesterday. Cracking, aggressive header. I read that the coach at Luton has been working with Elijah to improve that part of his game.

Several posters on here have pointed to the departure of Marcus Stewart. Whether he was the right man, I don’t know, but it’s clear that a good coach working with the strikers is a worthwhile investment.


I think he will get the job,i’m not sure whether he deserves it or not,but he has stuck to the task,kept changing the team around until he got what he thought was his best team. he has been getting draws which were very frustrating,but I could see gradual improvement,especially over the last 2 or 3 games leading to yesterdays first win,not the perfect performance but he has got players like Osadebe playing something like. He also deserves a pat on the back for the midfield and defense working together as an effective unit.You take a risk with any manager who is appointed,but I think that together with an effective DOF and a genuine inclusive chairman Dutton MAY make a go of it,so i’m prepared to give him a go.


Yeah I heard he’d scored, not seen it yet though! Pleased to see him doing well there.

Yeah I agree about the attacking coach, it’s so important not just to make them better footballers but mentally on the run our forwards are on, for someone like Marcus Stewart to tell them he went through similar runs and to keep their chin up saying they’ll come through the other side could have been the difference between fluffing a shot and sticking one in, which would have been the difference between a point or all three in a previous game.

I think that’s another reason I like him @SidSwifty. It’s frustrating at the time and might come across deluded or not seeing the bigger picture of needing a win ASAP but he’s no quitter and that bodes well for if he does stay, the next time we have a difficult run and he sticks to his plan, there will be a lot more confidence from me that he actually does know what he’s doing.


Our fans Make me laugh sometimes the same people who complain about lack of ambition,the fact we won’t sell any season tickets next season ,the fact we went a dozen or more games without a win, the fact it’s the worst team in living memory now after 1 win are saying maybe this bloke should be the manager next season, Are these the same fans that sang who needs mourinho we’ve got our phisio then 3 months later booed everything Whitney Said or did ,are these the same people who have slagged off every team selection and everything Dutton has said before and after every game?? Yes these are the same fans absolute moron’s. It’s no wonder we are going backwards as a club when some of our fans Make it so easy for the power’s that be.

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As frustrating as all those misses were yesterday it’s good that we’re actually creating them. And the more we create them, they’ll start putting them away.

Brian isn’t the messiah (yet) but there are some small signs of improvement. I want more wins before the end of the season but we also need to see some consistent performance over the remaining games.


The only difference between yesterday and a few weeks back when we were woeful was Rory Holden.


You’re slagging off fans who are willing to give Dutton a chance.
But you’re also criticising fans who gave Whitney a chance.
In a strange turn of events maybe you just like to criticise everything our fans do and you’re the problem? :man_shrugging:t2: Football is about opinion, seems like you’re the only one who can’t accept opinions, wrong hobby maybe?

Although I’ve been frustrated by some of the more negative comments on here recently Otis, I applaud anyone that is prepared to change their mind when the evidence in front of them changes.

Prefer that to those whose mossive egos won’t let the admit that they might have been wrong.

Having said that, BD undoubtably has plenty to prove, but the bloke that pays his salary seems to have more confidence in him than many looking in from the outside.