Dutton Out

How can we put pressure on the club to get rid and save us from relegation?

Genuinely interested in any ideas.

Pomlett I hope you are reading this tonight.


We have to do something of Pomlett won’t! We must act now!!

Stop buying matchday video passes like I did today


Yeah a threat to boycott match day passes is an idea.

I just want him to see how much anger and pain there is. This is on him.

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No manager will be able to get anything out of that shower. Utterly clueless. He’s not doing himself any favours.

Imagine not selling a single pass! Surely that would be a sign? Maybe only that threat of fans making the club bust will make Pomlett act!

I’ve supported Dutton all be quietly but not any longer changes forced upon him others way too late if we made them from the start we wouldn’t have lost so change needed
If it’s isn’t to replace we need a number two to support him

A pathetic performance overseen by a manager not ready to step up for the task. He has to go.

Replaced the tiny bits of talent we had with utter tat, although in fairness Melbourne is half decent. Reminds me of the tail end of the Keates relegation season. No belief and no plan.

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Wasn’t convinced by him initially but was willing to give him a chance to see what ideas he had over Clarke, but he’s absolutely clueless.


There is already a Brian Dutton thread… why start another

Just to make it crystal clear to Pomlett, when I say Dutton out, I mean out of the club as well. Not popped back into his assistant role to have another crack at the Manager role later on. The bloke is just as much a liability as Clarke.


Who cares?


He’s just overseen the worst Walsall performance I’ve seen in 35 years.
Time to go


A video isn’t enough Mr Pomlett.

Act now.


Well how about keep it as one

This is the Brian Dutton “OUT” thread

We used the other thread to assess, debate and judge his ability to the job.

Having just watched his latest s**t show its fair to say its time for Brian to collect his P45.


To be honest I wanted to call the attention of anyone at the club who might be peaking in.

Oh do I apologise maybe I’ve put my thoughts in the wrong one!!

Shocking team tactics and formation square pegs in round holes now isn’t the time for some stupid experiment act now Pomlett before it’s too late

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