Early Bird Prices

Still think we could be a bit more creative in pricing/incentives but on a match by match basis it’s still, just, a decent deal and I’ll be renewing.

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Far too expensive. Boycott needs to understand that Walsall has some of the most deprived areas in the Country. He clearly dosnt!!!

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A hefty increase.A bit beyond the rate of inflation. I shall renew my 3 but I hope we start to play some better stuff. My neck aches at some matches as ball is in the air that much.

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It’s a £1/£2 increase per game compared to this season.

Season tickets are a premium option for people to save money over an entire season, they aren’t aimed specifically at people in deprived areas.

No argument from me. I think we’ve been very fortunate with pricing in recent years. If the club is going to grow on and off the pitch it can’t afford to subsidise the ticket prices to a point that means progress cannot be made. I’ll be renewing.

Fully understand and appreciate the increase will mean tough decisions for some fans though.

Hilarious theory :see_no_evil: :rofl: :joy:. Well if a season ticket isn’t targeted at deprived areas a £30 matchday price certainly isn’t either lol!!!

Everyday life.

33% increases are the norm in everyday life? Not in mine they aren’t

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Anyone got the prices to compare the last, say, 10 seasons rather than just compare against last year?

Might be a higher than current inflation hike over March 2022 prices, but what is the bigger picture?

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We don’t charge £30 though?

A single match ticket is like £24, every club in the country charges this, not just us.

I havent had a season ticket for over 20 years but will be purchasing 3 for me and the kids to show my support for this new exciting regime… go to most games anyway so will be saving money by buying the season tickets.


It’s not big numbers though mate.

Matchday prices in the top teir will approach 30 quid gotta be once they have increased.

I mean, that’s relative to the product you are buying. It’s not big numbers for, say, a car. It is big numbers for a Sunday dinner.

But these are league two season tickets. It’s feels like big numbers compared to some prices in League one and even comparable to some in the Championship

Fair enough. Our gates have increased quite a bit over recent times. A price increase was to be expected. Although I will still go ahead and renew, and a price increase was to be expected, it seems a big hit and not much of a thank you for the support.

It probably won’t change anyone’s mind who is a long term dedicated fan, but for any that are on the fence it could tip the balance.


I’ll get one because I’m puddled.


It most likely won’t deter too many current ST holders, but I do wonder what the differential will be between the early bird, the full price ST and the matchday price. That could be key with respect to getting new fans / casual attenders, if as @Gensanx123 says, the matchday ticket is nudging 25 quid.

I think its a bargain :grimacing:

A shit tele from Argos is more than my ST


Guess we priced so low originally that any acceptable increase would always look OTT.

Depends on where you sit. Matchday in the top teir is 26 so I would expect it to be 30 in the new season. That in my view is a complete piss take