Early Bird promise



Be interesting to see match day prices when they are released. Surely they’d fall into the same categories with similar pricing.


We can not be fooled by yesterday’s ‘largely positive’ ST announcement. The article is correct in stating a ‘very modest reduction’ as been made but this equates to a 30/40p saving per game. The total saving wouldn’t gain us entry into a Checkatrade game.
They are showing their contempt for us once again. They’ll shout this from the rooftops, “reduced season tickets,blah de blah”,but its yet another red herring.
The kids free ST. Great idea on paper but what if a parent/carer as two children. The way it reads says one child per adult. So do we pay for child 2.
Also membership of Saddlers Crew/Swiftys Squad DOESN’T require the purchase of a season ticket. Why isn’t this published everywhere. Why aren’t casual fans, who can only attend when they can for whatever reason, given this information when purchasing tickets?
I know this is being addressed in the mission statement that will hopefully be presented to the powers that be but, in my opinion, yesterdays announcement proves to me they still have a long, long way to go.
And if anything I’m less likely now to fork out than i was yesterday morning.


I can only applaud the club for the fact prices haven’t increased, which is something I was fearful of, and the fact there’s a Young Persons ticket now.

Any protests that take place aren’t going to be based on not going to the ground, so I will be renewing but I’ll be going downstairs therefore depriving them of at least £90 that would have been paid extra upstairs. £90 lost on everyone that moves downstairs could be a good move.


You can deny JB about £100 a season just by resisiting the kiosks.


Is that what it costs for a Bovril these days? Little wonder very few use the kiosks!!


I’ll be renewing mine.


Us possibly not renewing isn’t a protest but justifying against what we could miss out on if we use that £700+ on season tickets instead of other things we enjoy.
My wife and I love this football club, it has been more than just a football club to us, and we are trying to pass that on to our children but its hard and its getting more difficult with every game that passes.