Early Bird Season Ticket Info Released

Just got an email from the club about next season tickets for next season.
Looks like we’ll be getting refunds if certain targets are met.
Good idea I think!


They can come up with whatever idea they like, however winning games is the only initiative that will work over time.

It is a good idea in principle. But to get any refunds targets must be achieved starting with 3000 ST sales. Which to me is only achievable if there is some serious investment in the playing budget .

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I think the refunds are safe tbf

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I welcome any fresh thinking that shows creativity and trying to grow instead of repackaging and rolling out offers that haven’t worked for 15 years.

Like I always say, credit where it is due. They need to closely monitor this for effectiveness, click through rate etc.


Like the idea of refunds. Can’t see any negative to that. First thing to come out of the new regime that I feel effectively separates it from the way it was ran (not owned) before, ie. giving something back to regularly paying fans.


Good luck in selling them. Sales will be down that is for sure. Anyone buying deserves massive credit.

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Looking at this I applaud the club for coming up with a initiative to try and better our attendance and help. I worry what happens when we sell 2,900 (potentially optimistic still!) tickets and no one gets any refund it could actually do the opposite and annoy people. I do wonder why they haven’t done something like a split difference refund.

Say in the main stand if you buy in the first two weeks you pay £300 and get less cash back but guarantee a lower price. However buy after the first two weeks and you pay £350 with the chance of higher cash back but potentially get none at all if thresholds aren’t met.

Really like the idea and hope people jump on the offer but feel after the football we’ve seen at home this season it’ll put a lot of people off renewing - but DC says we’re going for promotion next season so hopefully that’s enough to get people in board

If the takeover had gone through a little earlier and this had been rolled out at the start of this season, no doubt this would’ve got LP his 5k with the buzz we all had at the start of the season

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Details of the refund scheme are here:

Really impressed with this tbf, hats off to the club


Excellent idea by the club and well done but they know those sales for refunds are not realistic.


This is a good idea and one I have been mentioning for years. As with any good offer however, it can only materialise into good sales with an effective marketing campaign. I look forward to seeing how they push this…

3000 would be easy peasy if we hadn’t been so pathetic at home all season.

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Fantastic idea by the club, I’m sure this suggestion was floated on here in previous seasons, along with plenty of others. One question though, have they released or confirmed the current number of season ticket holders in order to gauge what may or may not be realistic?

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This is a good initiative. Like others have said its a real pity about our home form.

:clap::clap::clap: excellent work mr pomlett, hopefully people buy into this which should give us a better wage budget for our promotion bid


If it doesn’t work out quite so much this season, I hope they keep this up in the future.
They can’t expect too much in our worst season for 30 years.
(I’m sure this is the idea)


I think is great.

At least they’re trying something and it’s a good idea to get behind. I personally think getting to 4000 would be incredible.


So i get £30 quid back if we Sell 3k ST’s???

Never gunna sell 3k with the ■■■■ we have seen so far…

So unless we get good number us fans dont get no reward?

Just price them all at a lower price and bring numbers in not fanny about like this.

2-2.5k ST sales will be the number…So dont get excited over £30


I shall be renewing mine but with no expectation at all, either of a refund or of a decent run of home performances.