Early Bird Season Tickets for 23/24

So with the Early Bird period being up after Sunday, please pick one of the following options (if any of them apply).

Poll closes Monday at 7:15pm :eyes:

Please don’t vote if none of the options apply to you

23/24 Early Bird ST Renewals
  • 22/23 ST Holder - Renewed for 23/24
  • 22/23 ST Holder - Have NOT renewed for 23/24
  • 22/23 Non-ST Holder - Purchased for 23/24

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On a serious note do you think if a supporter that has already purchased for next season can get a refund as i think there will be a few

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Unlikely I would say.

You would have to have a really good reason and I doubt they would accept the standard of football as a reason as they seem to be fairly happy with it.

ST holder not renewed. I will be picking and choosing games next season, if we’re doing alright I’ll look at a half season ticket.

It’s time for the club to convince me to purchase a season ticket.


ST holder - not renewed. Not a cat in hells chance.

I’ve been duped the last few seasons. I have to see real tangible improvements this season. If so, I’ll either get a half season ticket or one next year.

They don’t deserve it this year.


ST holder not renewed.

Cant justify the price increase for the amount of games I’ll miss due to work

I renewed for one last go around (i say that every year aswell).

Immediately felt sick after the Wimbledon defeat :rofl:

I must be mad, or sad. Probably both. I will probably go to plenty of games anyway though and the matchday prices will be outrageous id feel a lot worse paying 27 quid a go.

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Will definitely not be renewing. Absolutely sucked the life out of my enthusiasm for Walsall Football Club this last few seasons. To have spent so long in this league and not to have even threatened the top ten in all that time is a disgrace. Fed up of excuses from top to bottom.


Yeah I’d imagine so, you can ahead of games for single tickets I think

Wow 43% not renewing, that’s worrying


I’ve said that to myself this time as well. :grin:

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Even more so if Trivela are expecting the bulk of the budget to come from ticket sales.

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It will be interesting to see if that is typical of the fanbase as a whole. I doubt it is myself but I hope the Club will tell us the number sold. A bit of transparency is never a bad thing.


They couldn’t wait to say last season.

I imagine they will be less forthcoming this season.

i renewed 1 adult and 2 juniors but tbh i have lost all enthusiasm and only renewed out of habit, if next season doesn’t improve it will be my last

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At the moment there has been a deafening silence from the club re season ticket sales so far.

Nothing like even a “sales have been brisk” or “sales have been slightly up/down on last year so far” that they usually put out.

Why do you doubt it, there’s lots of loyal fans on here?

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The old ‘renewal equals loyalty’ trope…


Ditto, habit has been the main driver in my renewal, plus FOMO (just in case we start playing football again and maybe win a few games) and of course the social side of meeting friends.


its the hope that kills us hahaha

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