Early Bird Time


Needs printing off and distrubuting at the next home game. Thats providing anyones actually there :smile: :smile:


Don’t think I’ll bother don’t feel a connection with the football club at all it’s going downhill fast and nobody there to put the brakes on R.I.P walsall


Depends on the pricing, £347 this year - not worth it in L2 (not really VFM in L1 to be honest)


You have put all that time and effort in to making him a Saddler and he will he grow into a teenager then head down the Blues or Villa with his mates as it £10.50 cheaper…


Or in my case a son that is now a season ticket holder at the baggies.


Me + 2. I am not going to stop going after all these years. The savings on the “early birds” are well worth having if you can afford the outlay. I still meet people who I know and like at matches and the chat is good even if the football isn’t!!


Genuinely torn at the moment. I’d miss the people I stand by but hate everything about the club at the moment.

I have a 5 year old son too who has started asking about coming to games. I live in a Dingle majority area, and so he’ll be influenced by his peers to go that way as he gets older, or to support a Prem team possibly. I could very easily get him into Walsall now, take him to games and get him a kit etc, but i’ll not be doing that. Not a chance.

Unless things change, he can go off and support Man City, and enjoy his football.


Oh well, considering they fail to market to the young adult market at least getting the youngsters in via the family offers are working :joy:

I do this for free at a pub or similar. A lot cheaper than topping up one mans pension. But we aren’t going to agree any time soon on this…like I say I was the same as you up until a couple of years ago.


My eldest has started going down the Blues. Partly due to him being a sheep and following whatever his mates do. But also partly to do with it being cheaper and he reckons MUCH more atmosphere and noise.

Well done Walsall, I brought him to games from the age of 4, now at 20 he’s lost interest :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How many kids of loyal Walsall fans are being lost at the moment, and in the next few years?

There’s plenty on here it seems - must be loads of others too.


What a shame that is…the Club certainly need to wake up to this pricing issue on match days especially for the youngsters.


Had a season ticket year in year out since 1988. This will be the first year I’m not. It’s both a protest and personal reason . I shall pick and choose my games when I see fit and certainly not feel any guilt when staying home with my young children instead. My parents also used to go but now lost interest. We are club 1888 too so that’s over 2k a season they have lost from us. Well done the board and up yours Jeff


Our son,10, said on Tuesday he didnt want to go but as we’ve got season tickets we felt we’d be wasting our money by not going.
He’s been hinting for weeks that he’d rather go somewhere else, even if its not every week, than watch Walsall. This saddens us, as lifelong Saddlers, and deep down we know that he’s still a big Walsall fan but its getting harder to find a convincing argument to keep going.


I got a season and a bit out of my daughter and she refuses to come now because it is rubbish (she is 7). Still got hope for my 3 year old when he is a little older !


Can those not renewing their season tickets post back the incomplete application form to the club? A subtle but effective act.


Good idea


Some of the replies on here are truly sad and depressing. This must be a trend amongst those who don’t post or read UTS as well. This long term demographic change is something that must be addressed by the club (regardless of the other things that need doing ) if it is going to survive let alone prosper in the future.


If ever a thread needed printing off and taking to Robs meeting its this one. So sad to see that kids who should be stone wall definite Saddlers are being lost.


Me and the wife were season ticket holders from way back to 1983. We had two sons at the end of the 90’s that were brought up in the faith when they were old enough. Will always remember their first match and the away game at Notts County. I obtained a photo of all 4 of us outside the ground from the E&S which still hangs in my office. It brings back happy memories but also a tinge of sadness. My two boys no longer want to watch Walsall, which really hurt at the time. Me and the wife have also drifted away. What was a great family tradition on a Saturday is now gone.

Sad times


I can relate to that as its the same with my son. He is really 50/50 on his loyalty to the club at the moment and Im not sure how much longer I’ll be able to convince him to stick with the Saddlers.