Early Bird Time


Sad indeed, and so many more like you.


The ones being lost are not even just the kids from Walsall with no real football allegiances - that’s gone on for years. Its now kids from families with long histories of being loyal Walsall supporters. Worrying times.


You are absolutely right. Not only print a copy for SG but a special copy for Jeff as he probably thinks the rumours are untrue and SG wouldn’t dare to argue or tell him the truth.


When I think of the number of friends and relations that used to be fans and now don’t come I have a cold sweat for the future.
They don’t come any more because of two main reasons.

  1. Won’t come again until Bonser has gone because of the money he sucks out of the Club.
  2. The quality of the football and the atmosphere at home matches generally because of the budget Bonser provides to the playing side.
    We all know that the two are interrelated.
    I can name 50 easily. Multiply their friends and relations say 200. That’s just me.
    Add in everyone else that can say the same and the maths easily get into the thousands.
    That is the dream that we need to put across to potential new investors very urgently.


When you start to get crowds around the 3000 mark, and thats across multiple games, the revenue that brings in starts to be unsustainable for the club and in the end you start looking at bankrupcy. Along with the very poor facilities, no atmosphre, lack of ambition you start to get VERY worried about the future. Very sad times.


Reading the statements on here i can see the noose tightening around bonzo’s neck.


Bonser is the problem. End of.

Season ticket holder for 10 years and fan for 42. I used to attend 10/15 home games a season despite distance and take my wife, 2 daughters and my dad. Expensive day out. We’d also buy both girls shirts and merch.

We’ve been to 2 home games this season. Not sure when we’ll be going again for a while.

Bonser out now!


It’s a battle mate to keep my 4 kids interested… when all there mates are what I would call glory hunters and bragging at school every day . Mine have kept the faith and it would hurt me inside if they was to change there colours . But could I really blame them ( god forbid )NOT REALLY.


As much as it’s sad losing him to that lot ultimately they have a much better “product” on display. Having an above average season as they are just outside the top 6 will certainly re-energise the Tilton and also attract new fans.

It would be like Walsall keeping up the momentum from the good start and being 8th or 9th atm which is only actually another 10 points on top of what they have atm.


Again for the bigger picture…good examples for @RobHarv3y to take to the meeting…young fans who were going Walsall season in season out and have stopped and are now going to local rivals permanently.

Makes a mockery of Gamble in the inital first email back actually saying “what more can we do.” So much more when the next generation are drifting down the road because of lack of excitement and ambition.


After 40 years afore the mast, Bonser beat me ten years ago. Gone from season ticket holder to 3 or 4 games per season.

I was in the Swifts club at FP the night a beaming Roy Walley walked in with the drawings for the new stadium.Everyone was drooling over 'em. One look from me and my heart sunk. When I asked Whalley “what’s the stanchions all about ?”, I don’t think he was aware of 'em.

It’s a pity Mike Lloyd ■■■■■■ off to the Vale.

Sod off Whalley and Bonser.


For goodness sake. Surely someone at Walsall FC is reading these threads. They’re not just normal ‘you’re crap’ comments. They’re constructive, from the heart
Surely alarm bells are ringing!
If you really care. Change it NOW .


Bonser out


Quit as a ST holder last year, bloody glad I did.

Bonser out


Can’t wait to see what Marketing campaign Mole and the tea boy come up with this year.


I was a season ticket holder for many years but realised quite awhile ago that the club had little ambition and total disregard for the fans, I attend probably 3 to 4 games per season just to keep my interest, but that has almost evaporated, I have no intention on returning on a regular basis until Bonser and Dumb and Dumber ( Gamble/Mole ) have gone.


I’ve heard they are struggling with it from someone within the club.



“Help, help, we actually need your money”


“It’s your fault not ours if you don’t support us”

Meanwhile, child and youth options, deleting Cat A and other simplifications of pricing will elude them.

What’s that about repeating the same ■■■■ and expecting a different outcome?


I heard that the marketing campaign was along the lines of:

“We don’t take the ■■■■, we give YOU the ■■■■” alongside a photograph of the bogs and a pint of Banks’s.