Early Bird Time


And a coat of paint, don`t you dare forget the coat of paint.


‘Your club. Your town. His rent’


The stanchions have been a bugbear of mine from day one. Weve been paying through the nose for restricted view seats since 1990. Another sign of what the club really thinks of us.


I wish I could agree.

£1.1m of £6m turnover were ticket sales.

The cynic in me says, and its not without evidence, any reduction in ticket sales won’t force JWB’s hand, but rather to the detriment of the playing side.


Spot on.


Agreed, lower crowds will just mean a lower budget. The rent will still get paid. Said low crowds will then be used to justify why we can’t challenge for promotion to League One and compete with the likes of Salford and Forest Green.


Well i can also totally relate to whats been said on this thread.started taking my lad when he was 9 years old up until he was 14 then he just didnt want to go anymore and lost interest. he is 18 now watches the wolves of all teams because his mates at Hednesford town youth team do.all very sad but what can you do?


Thing is, those that don’t renew or don’t go anymore, what else do you do for Saturday football fix?

Do you go to Rushall or simply watch Sky?

I’d love to be able to boycott, but I tried last year under Whitney’s dross but ended up going back. Guess it’s just part of my DNA.

I’m interested to know how others have resisted the temptation to go back, even if it’s only 3 or 4 times per season.


In my case i think i have just been beaten into submission lol, everything has changed since i started to support the saddlers, when i went in my teens it was with a gang of about 5-6 lads from brownhills comp, and it was all about rivalry and a matchday spent drinking with friends and scrapping with other supporters. Then as i got older and wiser i got married and my wife who is my calming influence started to come with me, then my nephews and it became a family day out. Purely for the football, then my nephews lost interest during the bonser years and started to go to watch villa, so me and my wife joined the blue rinse brigade by the dugouts. And now for reasons i have said on other threads, i don’t get any enjoyment out of spending the best part of £50 watching a club slowly being run into the ground by a miserly chairman.In fact i have thought of following Walsall Wood because my nephew(who still watches walsall when he can) is now a first team coach, and the new chairman is putting a bit of money into the club, so maybe i could get my mojo back watching a club that cares about it’s community and football rather than just profit.


Must say I rate the marketing for this


Yeah credit where credit is due . Ticket prices are to be applauded. As well as painting of the stadium. And it does seem as though efforts are being made to make the match day experience better and marketing etc . Needs to be a continuous effort though and not just for the early bird and to keep fans happy in the short term.


But it happens every time. They dangle the carrot enough for us to grab it because they know the vast majority can’t keep away. And the cycle starts again.
As you say lets hope mindsets have changed and its a long term thing and not just for early bird.


still sceptical all this is not just to sell early birds tbh and they will revert to type afterwards.time will tell.


They’ve painted a bit of the stadium.
They’ve reduced season tickets by <2%.
They’ve put in a few concessions initiatives.
They’ve churned out the same old tripe in E&S.

If that placates the masses then we have the club we deserve.

The rent we pay for our shed of our grand is the equivalent of 1,294 Homeserve Season Tickets. Let that sink in.


Personally I’m committed to not giving him a penny more of my cash until… zzzzzzzzzz

I think we know where it goes from here

He’s a parasite on the club


My last game was Boxing Day.

Not sure if or when I will go again, with the leech still there.


Are you suggesting JB pockets our cash paid on the gate and that none of its goes on the team? A bit of an exaggeration there I think. Look I want him to go and think it should happen quickly but the fact he is the owner won’t keep me away. I enjoy the banter with my friends some of whom I have known for years and I also think our Town deserves a League football club.


And I totally respect that Walsall One.


What I’m saying is, Bonser charges £440k rent that’s the same as a 1294 season ticket holders.


completely agree with this lets see what they do when we go down this season hope i am wrong but its been a long time coming.you eventually reap what you sow sadly.