Early Bird Time


I’ll be renewing. You have to give credit where credit is due otherwise your criticism just loses its worth if it isn’t fair.

Pricing - Okay, not a huge reduction but seriously, how much do people expect it to be reduced by? Did people suddenly expect the club to knock 100 quid off and just hope that it makes enough money to make it worth it? £250 is good value, if you pay more then look at cheaper seats.

They have added a young persons ticket instead of a student ticket, easier to manage I suppose and it is what people were asking for so credit for that.

I think the club should be applauded on this early bird campaign. I’m not happy with a lot of things but will happily be handing over £250 this month.


I totally respect your position and on a personal financial basis, of course you do what’s right for you mate…

I think what many (certainly me anyway) take exception to is not the actual pricing of the arrangements (and in many respects, the offer is a good one if you intend to go to every game etc etc) but the way in which the funds paid to the club are used…

I personally hate the way the club is ran and the shambolic lack of management and leadership and for this reason, my dosh will be staying with me…)


Bonser charges us £19k a league match to use our own stadium.

For what he charges in rent he could give away 1294 Early Birds away free or invest in the stadium or sign a few players.

A <2% reduction in cost and a young persons season ticket is hardly progressive. But I totally respect those who take advantage of Early Bird scheme. But the cynic in me suggests that the EB is there just to cover the rent & directors salaries.

Anyway suggestion for match day pricing, with the objective of simplicity & building fan base for the future.
• Kids <13 free
• 13-18 £6
• 18-23 £12
• >23 £18
• >65 £ £16
Turn up on day same price. Available in all parts of the ground.


Ps: would add that disabled supporters would be free


I like simple…

You’ll have our so-called commercial team choking on their Sunday morning bacon butties with taking it that far…

I already hear screams from the early birds about the lack of differentiation etc (I understand their point too) but you forget Wilts that Jeffs strategy isn’t and ever gonna be based around growing the fan base - he’s more than happy with his £440k PA and the impossibility of a new owner rolling up with millions in spare loot to relieve him of command…


100% and carer/assistant half price of their respective age category


People have asked for these things and the club have listened and acted. To say it isn’t progressive is very harsh.


Things he could do if he really was serious about re-energising the club in league one.

Lower rent to 300k per year. I’m sure extra 100k would come in handy for transfer kitty each summer.

Change the dynamic of allocation of budget between first team /academy to 70:30 seeing as there hasn’t been a good youth player produced now for 3-4 years e.g. one who can step up to championship no problem like Rico and Paterson have done.

Two things which he could do overnight which might convince one or two more to get season tickets. Won’t happen though.


Dan Dan Dan. I’m pleased the club have done something, but I’m not getting too excited about a £7 reduction and a young persons Season Ticket.

It’s a start, but an incredibly small one.


I agree about the rent but not sure about the split you mention since I don’t know how the much the respective budgets are at the moment. We have been told that when transfer fees are received these are split 50:50. between the playing budget and other player infrastructure. I would like to see all transfer receipts being given the Manager .If spent wisely it might help us become more competitive.


What amazes me is that folk are getting all motivated and prepared to splash their cash for a few quid saving ( fair play to them and it’s their money to spend how they want) but with the high probability that it could be to watch L2 football…

Just a thought


Why the amazement? some of us will support the team wherever it plays. If we do go down and it is the Conference the year after I will still be there. I don’t want that and by buying my season ticket I hope I am making it less likely. You have decided to stay away and that is your decision which I respect but I think the continuance of a League Club in Walsall outweighs my views on JB and the fact that he should go sooner rather than later.


Well said mate


It’s a good price even for league 2 if you’ll go to the majority of games. £11 a game is cheaper than my local club Tamworth who are in the Southern League Premier Central… I don’t even know what league that is!


It’s all about opinions mate and whilst we take different views I don’t think either is necessarily right or wrong (just our choice etc…)

Having properly (in my opinion) supported WFC since the early 70’s I don’t feel I have any issues of loyalty to address to anyone for my actions - I simply feel that my son and grandsons won’t have a WFC to support if the current regime goes unchecked and not held to account for how they are ruining what could be a viable and successful football club providing Walsall with the club it needs…

We all have a choice and mine is to make a stand against this regime - I hate the fact that I’m not supporting my team every week in person but I really don’t see that any other action will ever effect change - in all fairness I don’t even know that what I’m choosing to do in staying away will either but I simply don’t see any other options at present.

Sad but true…


As I’ve said previously Ramred - for me it’s not about whether it represents good value - it’s impossible to argue that £11 per game is a great price for league football but it’s simply the principle of the matter for me and I won’t give in to what I see as a useless and self centred owner leading a decent club nowhere purely to serve his own personal financial interests



Sound arguments on both sides. It’s a bastard that we have this situation. Bonser is a cancer that is killing our club but it is understandable that people put the club before the owner.


Absolutely - It grates with me to take the stand I am but Ive been critical in the past and even had a meeting with Jeff a few years ago after I wrote him a letter and he actually replied and invited me into the club ‘for a chat’…

I tried to voice my rational opinion about my concerns but I honestly felt that in replying, he was saying the right words but with little or honestly or conviction…

That was around 15 years ago and it amazes me how so little has changed in his approach despite the fact the football in general is constantly and rapidly evolving and all of the clubs around us embrace this change to exploit it yet we just plod on watching our world change around us - it’s an absolute recipe for disaster and I can’t allow myself to line his pockets any longer…


‘We just plod on’ - that’s exactly it - they are oblivious to the fact they must change not just to keep up but to compete.

I don’t understand why some people are getting excited that the club have introduced a young adult ticket category. Great that they have finally done it, yes, but it took the pressure of the fans to force them to do it - if they were truly ‘progressive’ they would have done it themselves (I contacted the club about it months ago with no effect but due to recent events it has magically appeared in the EB). They are so hopelessly out of touch with the sector in which they operate, it’s embarrassing.

They are also intrinsically incapable of understanding the gold-dust that is good and effective communication - take the Boxing Day debacle - no apology on the day, no announcement that it was unacceptable, no explanation, nothing, just information forced out of them reluctantly days later. Just a ‘perfect storm’ was it? No, it’s the natural result of decades of treating people like **** and being allowed to get away with it. If the protests change attitudes at the club, great, but there’s zero history of that happening and let’s not forget JB is the only change that matters in the long run. A leopard does not change its spots.


Guys nothing will ever change while Bonser is in charge and when he isn’t it’ll probably be his family we get next.like others have said theyve only done what they have because the fans have told them to.still not enough yet for me season tickets have never really been the issue it’s more the walk up pay on the day prices people have complained about isn’t it? Let’s see what they do in regards to this before giving them too much credit like I’ve said in other posts this is the main issue far too expensive and no structure.why don’t they just charge a flat £5 for a junior instead of all the sign up for this that and the other crap we have now?also do a family ticket for £20 one adult 2 kids anywhere in the ground surely that isn’t beyond the realms of possibility?