Early Bird Time


I totally understand your stance. Thing is, he can afford to still keep up his rent payments regardless of how many fans show up on a Saturday.

I’d consider the same approach as you if I knew it would impact him but it doesn’t. For as long as there is The Venue, there will be rent payments.

That’s why I think well if me going or not doesn’t affect him then me not doing something I enjoy is really just cutting my nose off to spite my face.


All logical DanG - I just wish we COULD influence him one way or another!


Exactly this. Everything official that’s come out of the club stinks of reactionary again. I’ve said it before elsewhere on this site- comments on this forum have a suspiciously big impact on what happens behind the scenes. They treat it as “you spoke, we listened” when really when it comes to toilets/facilities/prices, they shouldn’t HAVE to wait until we say something about it. It’s bare basic stuff.

If nobody uttered a peep in contempt, they wouldn’t have even painted the stadium a fresh coat of grey or any of that. They’d just carry on serving the bare minimum- the bare minimum which they justify as ‘acceptible.’