Early birds

Early Bird - will you be buying?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided - state why

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Who’s planning on buying one who’s undecided and who’s got no intention ?

Added a poll for you

I’ll be getting one. Now is the time for true fans to show up.

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You haven’t voted

I’m not convinced the club will operate an ‘early bird’ scheme this year.
I suspect they’ll sell the season tickets in the more conventional pre-season window.

I was thinking that the other day. Would be the sensible thing to do.

Only because I can’t afford one. I would support different fund raising efforts.

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You have now😃

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Voted undecided but it’s more weighted towards no than yes. I have a limited amount of funds, and while I could get the money together I’m not sure I am prepared to pay for something that there is no guarantee I will be able to use. Things might change but it feels like there will be more disruption because of covid.

Add that to the fact that even if we do get back in, Sitting away from everyone, not being able to get close enough to anyone to speak to anyone you know. I never thought I would feel like this, but I have just got out of the habit of going now. My youngest son is my best hope of being convinced, he really does want to go back, although he prefers the away games. If he pushes me enough I will probably give in.

I have voted no but i would much rather buy into the club and be able to have a say in what goes on, but i think that @Dhforever has said before, the people in charge do not want us commoners involved :roll_eyes:

I voted no and I hope if supporters across the lower leagues do the same it might send a message to government how important attending games and all the social activity is to the unwashed and many headed.

Undecided at the moment mainly financial partly due to the covid restrictions and how long they will affect us going.

I don’t buy season tickets. As it’s difficult to find so much cash all at once plus there is six of us with the kids who go regularly but sometimes just 2 or 3 of us due to having different hobbies or very cold evenings etc. Maybe the better question would be of those season ticket holders from this season who will be renewing?


Same here mate me and 2 kids usually they have lost interest a bit without attending games though.

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Same mate it’s really hard to keep them interested during these times of not attending.
My lad especially loves the away games though so as soon as we are allowed in will take him away which I know will re- light his passion for the saddlers.


Away games are great for youngsters good view on different clubs and areas.

My daughters love going to the games as well they arent interested when its on tv just not the same for the kids.

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Agree mate my lad gets really excited with the better atmosphere away .ticking off the new grounds and experiences he has gained.


How old are your kids mate ?

8 and just gone 12 theyve been going for about 2 seasons now.

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Mine are 15 12 8 and 6 my eldest will come now and again.I was a bit late getting her involved as I had stopped going myself. My others love going but have to keep reminding them to keep up the interest as we can not go and watch at the moment.

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