Edwards should be made captain?

I think personally Edwards should be our permanent captain. Think he would relish the role and this would let Dobson concentrate on his own game and maybe rediscover his form . What do you think?

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Chambers and Dobson have a calmer more encouragement focused style of captaincy. I think this team needs an enforcer in the mould of Andy Butler who dishes out plenty of bollockings and sets the standard.

Not sure Edwards is that man, but agree Dobbo needs to focus on his game.

Cook would be an interesting choice!

Strange, I thought the same. He has something, that would make good captain. Dobson looks like little bit unfit (maybe still little injury and he rushed return) and Edwards is too calm. I think he wouldn’t say bad word to someone, who underperforms. Captain needs to shout sometimes.

Never been keen on a striker as captain. Edwards leads by example. Only other person for me and I will say this quietly​:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:is devlin could be the making of the man.At least he shows commitment and passion.


He was captain at Ayr I believe…

Yep, top call. He’s the only one who springs to mind. Cook wouldn’t work. Although he likes to moan, it’s not always in a positive, encouraging way! Yes, Devlin was, I believe, the youngest captain Ayr have ever had and I think well worth a go. You don’t have to be the perfect player, just have the right attitude and approach.


There were strikers and good captains, and of course weren’t. Still, leadership and experience are more important. I would try this (Cook as captain) option, cause he has at least contract for the next season. I don’t think extension of Devin’s contract would be popular decision. And captain for few months is little bit pointless.

Devlin a good shout. Always prefer the captain to play in the centre though.