EFL Cup 2nd round

Walsall v Charlton Athletic…

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Nice home victory here for us :crossed_fingers:

Return of Dobbo and Macgillvary then (pardon the spelling if I’ve got it wrong)

Abit boring, but atleast it’s at home.


And Blackett-Taylor

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Winnable game, all the better being at home rather than a midweek trip to London

Confused about this threat. What’s all this 2nd round business?:slightly_smiling_face:


Forgot about him

It’ll be a good test against a team from the league above.I always remember Jorge’s screamer whenever we play these.


And Eoghan O’Connell …

Meh! It is what it is. Cov excepted, we were the oly Midlands club in the Southern part of the draw with no chance of a money spinner nor excitement against our local rivals.

We can win this in my view.UTS

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Yes, winable if we are on our game.

Glad it’s at home, a winnable tie, more so this way round.

It will be interesting as Ben Garner is their manager (Swindon gaffer last year), so if he’s got them playing the style that Swindon did last year we can probably start to establish where we are as a team this season too.

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They owe us BIG time.
1963 and all that.


Winnable game,the whole way in which the draw is set up is pathetic.
We had no chance of getting a big tie with the teams in our section.
Hopefully we win this and get a big tie next round


I think the Club should complain about the draw set up. It is ridiculous.


Draw is winnable but cannot see this being a good attendance. Which would help the lads to go through unless the game is really cheap. Or if we do win you get your seat if we draw a big club next.


It’ll be the same pricing I reckon - £10/£5

Or at most £12/£6.

Anything above that is crap.

Would be nice to get our revenge for them kicking us out of the second division back in 63. I have as at that match ,London thugs… UTS.

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