EFL Cup 2nd round

Hope they open the upper tier this time :smile:


We’ll channel the spirit of Jorge Leitao and beat em 2-1.


With the ridiculous nature of the Southern half draw etc. this isn’t a bad tie. Should we get through, round 3 is where the potential fun begins.


Love the way we’re playing a team currently 5th in the league above, whom we haven’t beaten since 2011, and who have a manager who managed a team last season that twice handed us our arses, and everyone is all like "easy draw that, we’ll piss it":rofl::rofl:


Great opportunity at home. Time for Walsall to show. No excuses.

Really tough draw. We believe in the team. We as fans need to deliver.

Fill the ground. No messing.

Home draw, happy with that. Anyone know what date this will take place on?

Had some good cup ties with this lot over the years.

Remember going to Selhurst Park when they were top flight and beating them 2-1. Nicky Cross on top form. We pulled the same trick at The Valley in Colin Lee’s first game. I believe winning that game kept us up as it funded a bit of a late season splurge in the market. And then I remember playing them in this competition at roughly the same stage. It was two legs and we lost the first 3-0 at their place. Game over? Not quite - we pulled two back in the first 15 or so minutes at Fellows Park and try as we might couldn’t nick a third.

Probably as good a draw as we could hope for in a remarkably poorly structured affair.


Looks a very good draw on paper to me. A higher league side so the opportunity for a bit of a giant killing but given how we’ve started the season a very winnable tie. Think naturally the club will charge a bit more than Round 1 but hopefully no more than £15 adults and keep kids prices as low as possible.

See no reason for them to uncrease prices. Charlton are not a massive draw, and wont bring many.

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Someone tell this person it is 2022.

He’ll remember where we are when he’s making his way back after a tonking.

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Why are we playing Bobby Charlton?

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22nd August

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Why dont they organise it in local groups.Like London and south.Manchester and North and Midlands.
Guarantee a few local derbys.


Bostin. Thought I’d miss this as we are back in Spain on the 25th :smiley:

Apparently the North/South split is to keep travel down.

Now, if youre an Exeter, a Carlisle, or a Gillingham fan, I can see why this is, however I’m pretty sure any club in Lancashire or Yorkshire is closer to us than we are to Charlton.

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No chance.

We played Brighton at this stage in 2015/16 under Smith. So a similar tie.

Despite cheap tickets and opening up the away end for us lot to sit in, from memory we didn’t break through 3,000.

Was a fine night nevertheless. Milan and Rico with two very good team goals.


How is it fair that a number of clubs have more chance of a lucrative tie based on what draw they are in? Complete nonsense.