EFL Package

Looks like league two clubs will be in for a share of 50 million then.

Rubbish deal for leagues 1 and 2. Minimum of 250k for us. Championship getting £200m and nearly all of the help is in form of loans apparently.

Dont think thats quite right is it ?

Leagues One and Two are grants and DO NOT have to be paid back.

Championship is interest free loan and DOES need to be paid back

Mid January 2021 - Bolton Wanderers announce signing of blah blah for £225k
March 2021, Bolton apply for extra funding great, citing reasons of financial troubles.



I heard the Cambridge chairman on the radio earlier & he stated that clubs would have to submit business plans before being given any cash. This is in an attempt to stop the cash being used by clubs, for example Bolton, that have spent more than they could afford.

Meanwhile, Walsall pay their grant to Boner


I hope so.

& why shouldn’t it?

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Oh yeah, soon as the funds are cleared that cheque will be in the post to Mullet towers.

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Half a years rent paid. Nice.

Pay Dazza off with it!

Wonder if the club will now stop asking the fans to keep putting their hands in their pockets?

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Well 200 is 80% of the total package and is in the firm of loans.

The detail can be found in the link below. But here’s a summary:

League One and League Two relief package explained

A combined £50m will be made available for League One and League Two clubs, with £30m being paid out immediately across all of the 48 third and fourth-tier clubs.

The £30m grant is based on lost gate receipts, with League One clubs receiving a minimum payment of £375,000 and League Two clubs £250,000. Half of that £30m will then be distributed based on a “lost gate revenue share calculation”, which must be approved by both the EFL and Premier League.
The remaining £20m, called the ‘Monitored Grant’, will allow clubs to apply based on “need”, the EFL-Premier League statement said, with a panel set to determine each club’s eligibility.

The statement added: "Clubs subsequently in receipt of a ‘monitored grant’ will be subject to certain restrictions, in respect to transfer spend and player wages.

"Clubs who keep to the restrictions will not have to repay any of the funding required, whereas for clubs in breach, the ‘monitored grant’ becomes repayable by the club.

“Any club in receipt of a grant or monitored grant payment will be required to continue to maintain compliance with the EFL’s financial regulations.”

It’s actually costing the Premier league £50m up front with 35 guaranteed to leagues one and two and 15 to get the interest free loan for the Championship.Possibly another 15 for the lower leagues based on lost crowd revenue. At a total of £65m that’s just over 3 each for the "top"clubs who have still been getting their main source of income from TV throughout. Mean selfish so and so’s in my opinion

The Port Vale Chairwoman reckons the whole virus thing will have cost her club 1.5 m in total loss of revenue.

Yes I heard her on PM, she pointed out that (as with us of course) it isn’t just match day losses but all the conference stuff etc. that has gone. As with Pomlett, she took over at just the wrong time. I think she has been top banana for 18 months.