EFL Restructuring

Here we go…,Manchester City chief executive has called for a rethink of the football pyramid to consider the inclusion of PL B Teams,describing the EFL’s business model as unsustainable.
Which of course it is,since the PL hogged all the cash,I believe the PL spent £1.2b during the transfer window,did we really think the part of the "football family " that exists within the PL would ever give us a digout without some massive strings attached.

As we have seen with the recent demise of a certain cup competition with the inclusion of Premier league under 21 teams forcing their way in , are we to be ’ assisted ’ by PL money only if we accommodate PL ’ B ’ teams in the 3rd and 4th divisions … sorry , as much as I enjoy going to the games if this is the only way forward I will seriously be considering not going any longer .


Agreed…the greed league are simply beyond contempt.


Totally agree with you. The cup competition was the beginning of the end for me and this would kill if off completely.

Same here, it just wouldn’t be the same.

I rather suspect that the Greedy League will become the breakaway European Greedy League, the intention that their ‘B’ Teams can compete in domestic competitions.

It’s within my memory, and many on here, no doubt, when in the third division we were playing City off the park. Then Sky stepped in, together with the Manchester City Council, to bung them some money and a stadium, and they have never looked back.

Sky is another organisation that have wrecked the game. They are coining it at the moment having got themselves rights to the large majority all of the Premiership Games up to the end of the Covid restrictions. The EPL should have insisted that at least one of those games per week went ‘free to air’.


I like The Guardian’s take on this:

“And like a vulture surveying wounded prey below, Manchester City’s chief suit Ferran Soriano, reckons the EFL crisis offers the Premier League a chance to stick its oar in. “Maybe the crisis will give us the opportunity [to introduce B teams] and will nudge us to get together and solve these issues,” he squawked, to the sound of coffee being spat out furiously.”


What’s his name? “Sorryarsehole”?


Interesting, if you you check his business background, he knows a thing or two about unsustainable businesses

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The clubs of the Greed League never fail to amaze me how they forget where they once were. The other week it was Burnley, a club who once escaped relegation out of the Football League completely on the last day, today it is former third placed team in the third tier.

Never can they just do the right thing - they always want their pound of flesh. Citeh have a squad with players of Football League experience and they would do well to remember their roots.


This crisis is bringing out all the football ■■■■■.

Some are the same old ■■■■■ that we always knew were ■■■■■.

Then there are ■■■■■ we had never heard of who have announced themselves to the world as ■■■■■.

And finally people we thought were OK but have turned out to be ■■■■■.


I have been obsessed with football for 40 years . I love Walsall but also support the game as a whole from international football to lower non league football but if B teams come into the lower divisions I am finished with the game.


By my reckoning this century we have played League games against Leicester, West Ham, Southampton, Man City, Brighton, Burnley, WBA, Wolves, Leeds, Sheff Utd, and Palace.
That’s over half the Prem. I’ve no idea what that proves, probably nothing. True though.
They aren’t as different to us as they like to think and their shyte still stinks.


:joy: Have I stumbled across an episode of Blankety Blank? :joy:

I can’t help but read that in a Les Dawson voice.


Hope you don’t kiss your mother with those lips

Potty mouth :slightly_smiling_face:

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As an aside; thanks to redundancy & the p1ss poor jobs market, I recently spent an afternoon watching old episodes of Blankety Blank. Had me in tears with some of the things Les Dawson said to the contestants & the panel. Doubt he’d get away with it were he alive today!

Back on topic: The League of Greed™ has changed football in this country fundamentally. A large section of society become “fans” of big clubs because they want instant gratification & perceived success without having to go through the bad times. It’s also a mirror of todays society, whereby people get new cars that they can’t really afford on HP to appear successful & cool. To hell with saving money for something when you can get it in an instant. Same with football. Why be a fan of your local team, where you actually have to make the effort to visit the stadium to see the match, when you can sit at home with your slippers on & watch a bunch of people you have no connection with run around a pitch for 90 minutes? If the team in red doesn’t win you’ll support the team in blue next time.
Doesn’t matter. Sky will keep receiving their cash & pass it on to the teams in The League of Greed™, who similarly couldn’t care less who “supports” them as long as the money keeps rolling in.
It’s sad but it’s true. Only when they’ve become extinct will teams such as ours be missed. In true capitalist style choice will be reduced until only the mega corporations survive!

I hate The League of Greed™ with a passion. I don’t have Sky or BT Sport & never will. F$*k their B-Teams.


Well here’s an idea,why not restructure the PL and the EFL,ship the "big six " off to a European League,as mentioned earlier,where they can play Real Madrid and Barcelona all day long.Replace them with some of our erstwhile friends like Notts County and Chesterfield and have a league of 92,could even be called the Football League. What have the other 14 clubs in the PL got to lose, given their only ambition at the start of each season is to avoid relegation,leave football to the football clubs and let Europe have their business model.Would at least make for a competitive competition and I’m sure some TV companies would take up the rights,perhaps even The BBC and ITV,ok the money wouldnt be so good,but make bring some sense back to football.


With the strongest possible prejudice, go ■■■■ yourself sir.

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I can’t remember who said it but that puts me in mind of “I couldn’t possibly repeat what I said on this programme but let’s just say that i insisted, in the most forthright way, that he combined intimate relations and travel”.

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Or “Go away in short jerking movements” !!! :smile:

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