EFL Restructuring

So the cash carrot was coming along with the future requirement of B teams embedded in the lower leagues.


The real killer for me was the proposal for L1 and 2 to be rolled into the National League and National Leagues North and South. This while the Championship became Prem 2 with the possibility of no promotion allowed.

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Closed off competition regs would cascade down so prem 2 would demand exactly the same thing if prem 1 had those rules established.

I have no expectation to see Walsall football in the top division ever in my lifetime, that turkey flew off a long time ago. But I have no wish to see some bizarre closed off league set up that renders the hope of a smaller club going on one of those rare promotions to reach a level no one believed they could do.

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So we have two new lads to cover for Josh Gordon , one from local rivals Birmingham and one from Bournemouth , and it’s very refreshing in this time of difficulties for all clubs , to see that Bournemouth are still footing the young lads wages they have loaned to us .

Edit … Good to see blues doing likewise in paying all their players wage too .
P.s wrong thread for this really but excitement took over :joy: