EFL rule changes

From the EFL website just one of the changes:


The non-payment of HMRC debt has been added as a trigger of Regulation 52.6, so Clubs who accumulate 30 days of late payments in a 12-month period will be unable to sign a player for a fee or any consideration for three full transfer windows. The amendment to the 30-Day Rule also provides for Clubs to self-report late payment of any debt covered by Regulation 52.6, plus a right of appeal for Clubs triggering the 30-Day Rule.

Not before time I think. The full changes are here:


No more Tom Knowles long throws that waste about 5 minutes for everyone he takes :smiley:

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and cost the club a fortune in dry towels

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Hope the players don’t start throwing the towel in next February.

Yeah, but in typical Walsall fashion it’s only a budget long throw anyway. Barely goes more than 10 yards.


Wonder if that includes their shirts?

Cue the lecture from CompletelySaddled about how effective they actually are, and you know nothing about how football works :joy:


I can only remember 1 goal coming directly from one of these so he’ll be talking nonsense again if he does.

When have I ever advocated a long throw??

I was probably among the earliest to and the most vocal about them being a waste of time and effort.

Pay attention pal

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Yeah of course that’s what was happening :+1:


Play nice, gentlemen.

Interestingly, we scored the second most goals from throw ins in the EFL this season on the Athletic’s article about this.

4 out of 1275. I hope Sadler keeps this weapon of non-distruction in the bin