EFL -Sky deal from 24/25

To be honest, if this goes ahead I will probably be finished with football.

It’s the one thing we have always had the 3pm on a Saturday. Don’t mind the odd Friday night away game, had a few good ones but that is a change from the norm now and then.

I can’t be doing with 12.30 kick offs and so on. I feel totally put out by Monday. I can cope with the odd one but if it is going to happen at the drop of a hat when Sky decide, forget it.


Let’s face it, the only winners from this deal are the players agents. They’ll soon hoover up any extra revenue the club might receive…


Can only have a negative affect on attendances, particularly away fans. Can’t say I’m massively excited by this.


Another tradition sacrificed in the name of money and power


That means we’ve got a chance of being on TV, so long as we are playing Salford, Wrexham or whichever basket case club that was once in the premier league and has since fallen from grace.

One of the very good things about being in league 2 is we know come 3pm on a Saturday in the football season its Walsall FC time. I would hate that to change


But this thread is saying it probably will change.

Not sure I’m with you that much there.

Division 4 was rubbish before Sky. So was Division 3. Rubbish grounds. Poor players. It’s never had much money trickle down.

Skys only negative is taking 100% of top flight Football away from the masses on terrestrial TV. But the fault for that lies with the Government / Football authorities. Should stipulate x amount of games for regular TV. It’s of national interest. 1 game a month etc

The PL has created a product that’s the best in the world as a spectacle. Skys money has furled this. We do get trickle down money via transfer fees. Not sure it’s right to expect something for nothing

Agree to an extent. But who have they created that ‘product’ for? Certainly not for the benefit of fans that actually go. Trickle down money is pathetic compared to the money being generated by the PL. There are still plenty of rubbish grounds in leagues 1 and 2 and fail to see a dramatic improvement in ‘poor players’ due to Sky’s intervention

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I think as a fan watching footy on the box it’s great. Good product. Just too much money !

I think the type of players England produces now Foden, Grealish, Stones, Saka etc good technical players can be partly attributable to sky’s money and product

But the biggest travesty is the lack of money makes it to grass roots. There is a PL fund and FA fund and other methods and you see the little signs at facilities - but it could be so much more ! Better pitches. Better changing rooms. More coaches. Cheaper grass roots facilities. It costs a grass roots 11 a side team approx £1000 for a council pitch with leaky grim cold changing rooms. That’s before they’ve booked a training facility, paid a ref or brought equipment ! PL should help these guys

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Totally agree with most of that post. No doubt PL money has helped elite clubs develop elite players. TV football is ridiculously expensive, plus as I’ve said I despise the Murdoch connection. The trickle down fallacy disgusts me as much as it obviously disgusts you. I just despise PL, means nowt to me. It’s like a different sport. Far and away the most commercially successful football ‘product’ on the planet. I have issues with the word ‘product’ which is what Sky see it as (for obvious commercial reasons). I’d rather just go when I can, meet good people and watch the match… live… actually in the ground. I just don’t like the idea of Sky being able to make more inconvenient for many of the home and away Saddlers I know and love by changing kick off days / times just to suit their armchair audience.

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Apparently at least 2 league 2 games will be shown each week on 2 new channels to be launched by Sky, Salford TV and Wreham TV.:grin:


Won’t be any difference for midweek, they’ll still be at 7.45 or 8pm as the championship ones currently go on red button or main channels.

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You have more of the day to feel miserable


Received my subscription reminder today. £140 (approx €160 for all 46 games). Bargain for anyone living overseas. Even with my ST it’s still only 400 quid in total.

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Yup, the more money swishing around, the more players demand in wages, ipso facto nothing really changes other than richer players and agents.

4-2 away win at Crawley is going to be available to a national audience then

Yes, it really is an astonishing bargain - three quid a game. Watching on i-follow is never as good as being there but paying 3 quid to watch us on a cold night in Barrow from the comfort of your armchair has a lot to be said for it. I reckon most people would pay a bit more, especially if it all went to the club.