EFL Sky Ifollow

I’ve always found that a bit odd - you have to pay for a better-than-basic-level subscription in order to watch the highlights video but not for the extended version?

Yeah, I always thought that was very odd too… not gonna ask them why though, they might change it… :rofl:

Just noticed this on EFL site for iFollow
Full match replay – available free of charge from 1am the day after the game (all games)

Nice, I’ll look out for that.

Previously I was paying for iFollow and tried to avoid the score so I can watch the match the next day. Reaching it was a bit of a minefield though as the result is plastered all over the club website and even the video of the game had a little time bar at the bottom showing when the goals were scored!

Yeah, can imagine is difficult to avoid the score especially on the OS.