EFL Survey


I noticed that the EFL survey is linked from the club website and I saw it as another strand of highlighting the dire ownership and leadership position of the club!

It’s a fairly lengthy survey tbh but there are a few free type fields where your thoughts on the clubs management and communication with fans can be elaborated etc…

It’s another way of using an independent platform to air a view or two so if you have the time and patience to complete it then it can do no harm



Just for the record I mentioned the pension fund issue in my survey comments and I’m sure if enough of us do the same, it could well get a reaction…

I think a fair few of us on here feel that more public pressure is needed to expose the owners abuse of position and ownership (financially) so The more that can complete the survey and comment on the same issue, the better…


Done all pretty much low ratings for me where the club and matchday experience are asked about.


Very long survey but some interesting questions about the club and the Checktrade etc.


I’ve given very low markings on the match day experience, club ownership, club communication and checkatrade. Obviously!


I filled the survey in last year but I did not see any feedback from anywhere so what is the point?


Usually happy to do interesting surveys but I have already spent 5 minutes and the “tracker” looks as though I have probably only done 5% of the overall survey. I have given up.

I wonder how many would tick either of the two reasons I have highlighted below for your first trip to see the Saddlers?!!

Which of the following best explains how you became a supporter of Walsall?

Please select all that apply.

My immediate family supported them (parents, brother, sister, children etc.)
I liked some of the players on their team
I relocated to the city/town and wanted to watch live football
My extended family supported them (aunty, uncle, grandparents, etc.)
Through my school (trips, club sponsored training, etc.)
My friends encouraged me to follow them
They featured in the first live game I attended
They were successful at the time
I liked the colour/style of their kit
Through a club Community Project
I was born/grew up in an area close to the club
They featured in the first game I watched on TV
I liked their style of play (tactics, etc.)
I was born/grew up in the town/city


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