Emmanuel Osadebe

Has he played his last game for the club? Does anyone there know exactly what happened?

The whole attitude of the players coupled with the lack of contempt by the directors for the supoirters sums up Walsalls season

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Hope he has played his last game for the club.

Hearing unsubstantiated rumours he recieved some racist abuse.

As much as I think he’s absolutely useless, I’ve heard him cop racist abuse before now so it wouldn’t surprise me (Christ what a sad indictment that is). Must admit I wasn’t near the incident today.


After seeing the abuse he suffered I’m sure he will not want to play in front of Walsall ‘fans’ ever again.


You wouldn’t believe it but in person he’s the most softly spoken polite guy. Obviously a very talented player but struggles with consistency.


He struggles with football.


If a fan can get banned for confronting a manager, then a player who confronts the fans that have travelled the length and breath of the country to watch the inept performances all season should NEVER WEAR THE SHIRT AGAIN, GOODBYE PADDY


Lets see what the club have to say to that, Jesus won’t help ya out of that one Paddy

Berate him for being shite but not for his colour, that is totally wrong and if true then some of the fans that travel and get applauded for their efforts have just undone all of that :frowning_with_open_mouth:


Chunk i was there today and NOTHING was said of the sort, not what i heard it was just his attitude towards the fans by clapping them when the fans where booing that started it and then he decided to confront them when the ball went out of play


Well HE is the one that has let the club and the fans down then, and should never represent us again
I am sure things will unfold during the next few days :wink:


Regardless of what happened today, I think Paddy needs to go anyway. We must get players in that will improve us and suit the system Flynn wants to play.

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Kim off

Absoloute Disgrace of a player is osadebe. He should never play for this club again

He engineered that situation with the fans. Today, As he was.nodding And mocking. them and Then started. Sarcastically applauding them. A good twenty mins before it all. kicked off ,
with a few of us saying. It would turn nasty if he continued. With his nonsense.

You are no messiah. Pal you sre a second division footballer.

And an abdoloute disgrace of one at that, to think of the footballers we have had over the years. grace our shirt. And we now end up with one. Of
Your. Elk. Realy hammers it home how far we have sunk.

Those in charge. should have. Him in on Monday and get him as far away from our club as possible

Imagine him doing that in a ray graydon or Chris. Nicholl team. , he wouldn’t of even got back on the team bus,


There was no racial abuse mate.

He’s a disgrace And can’t see any way back for him. After what he’s done today


So why do people say it’s about racial abuse? that is just sick :man_facepalming:

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As said chunks I’d been watching him

He engineered that situation today. Mate. And. I was right there. When it kicked of.
No racist abuse whatsoever took place


The abuse that I’ve heard some players get makes tou embarrassed to be a Walsall fan. There’s a certain group of fans that seem to target certain players and Osadebe seems to be the latest in that line. The past it’s been our better players like Sawyers and Adebayo.

Based on what I’ve heard from that group of unwanted “fans” in the past - I wouldnt rule racial abuse out.


Could make for a very interesting open training session couldnt it :thinking: club have a big decision to make with regards to osadebe and todays issues. Personally osadebe has always been pleasant when I’ve spoken to him but todays actions have clearly annoyed many fans.

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