End of Season Awards Dinner

On the official site minutes for the recent meeting with the supporters clubs it mentions a date and venue has been agreed for the end of season awards dinner. Anyone have further details?? Would like to go along to this, have heard it’s always a good night.

Should be a short ceremony.

Other than goal of the season - Wilko v Newport, nobody is deserving of anything.

Your forgetting Everton Andy’s award

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No doubt they will be selling cheap plonk at extortionate prices per glass nothing like being in touch with the current climate and looking after a fan base that’s financially on its arse.

Kinsella will win player of the season because he works hard


Not as hard as Mole.


You can’t really look much beyond him for the awards, which is a sad indictment of the season. Wilkinson and Ladabie should have been competing for the awards, and Monthe would have done but for the issue mid-season.

Surely this has been mixed up with the short jokes thread?

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Earring for me.

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Open neck cream silk shirt, tasteful gold medalion, and half a gallon of BRUT for me.

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Awards dinner for being a sub standard league two team?? Should cancel the whole thing!


My thoughts entirely. I bet Flynn feels the same way too.


Can’t think of anything more embarrassing, attending an evening to Celebrate how crap we have become as a football club with sub standard players, still I suppose it can also be regarded as a tribute to all the hard work and commitments of Gamble and Mole in achieving the high esteem our club holds within the football pyramid.

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I know we can vote for the player and young player of the season, but should we be able to vote for director and employee of the year too?
Who would the nominees be? :grinning:

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For me the most memorable performance of the year was “bloke with carrier bag” against Newport on NYD, so perhaps he will get some kind of award. As for the rest of it, meh.


I think the Fackall brothers are favourite, Do and Know don’t get the recognition that they deserve, but work fervently behind the scenes :grin:

All clubs have these end of season dinners as do many commercial organisations. . What’s the problem? No one forcing anyone to goo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We went on to lose 7 on the bounce after that happened ,so it was a defining moment in the season I guess.

So it’s all his fault. Carrier bag man destroyed our season. :rage:


Kins has won it this season, and next season as well :rofl: