I’ve been going to watch the Saddlers since 1997 when Big Fat Jan was in charge. I got a free ticket and took my then youngest son and we caught the bug and started going regulaly. I/we, along with my now youngest, have followed them through the good and bad times and it’s always been a pleasure no matter what the results. For the last 2 or 3 seasons it’s felt like a chore more than a pleasure and the ground is now a dump, can’t believe how dirty it is never mind the bogs !!!. the atmosphre is none existant and there just dosn’t seem like any ambition both on the pitch or off it.
I just can’t gather any enthusiasum to go anymore. Enough is enough and I find that a very sad statement after so long. My youngest is now in Wales and goes to see Cardiff where it’s actually cheaper than going to see the Saddlers and say the stadium is incredible. What a sad state of affairs. :disappointed::disappointed:


How many more threads are we going to have started by people who are no longer going? It is becoming very boring. The last 2 seasons have been awful but I have seen worse and the best part of being a supporter is that when you come out of those spells you feel great. We already have numerous threads dealing with the current gripes and grumbles which I support especially those on the state of the toilets and ticketing/pricing issues but do we really have to have more?


With all the on line “ resignations” I don’t understand how the ground isn’t actually empty on match day .

If you had given up after :

the slump from literally top of the table to bottom 4 of 1982 or

the 15 losses on the trot under Coakley / Train / Barnwell in 88/ 89 or

the horrendous 89/90 season when relegation followed the relegation of the season before or

a team of kids in the lower reaches of Division 4 under Hibbit with the club about to go to the wall before we sold Tolson or

using 450 players in a season going down thanks to Merson in 2006

If you’d given up after any of these really low points respectively , you’d have missed out on -

The miracle of the 1983/4 League Cup run, beating Arsenal , drawing at Liverpool etc and seeing the greatest midfield trio the club probably ever had

Seeing the club gradually emerge again from the lowest level . Rod McDonald , Colin Methven , Kyle Lightbourne , Kevin Wilson , JIMMY WALKER , Bury away

Dickie Dosh promotion season , Keates , Swindon away

It’s only 3 seasons since we had one of the best
teams we’ve ever had in this league .

The good times will come back but as a Saddler you are going to have to endure plenty of frustration and heartache before they do .


Sadly it’s how a lot of our fans feel and it’s a real shame. I love your guys positivity but I can’t help feeling you are turning a blind eye to the clubs failings in exactly the same way our board do

To a certain extent I agree. We do moan about everything and this is a platform to air those views.
Daniel Mole commented once that these problems aren’t problems when we’re winning. Might have a point but they are all under the same umbrella and when it’s raining and the umbrella is opened these problems come tumbling out.
It’s raining an awful lot just lately and its not just the toilets where we’re splashing about in the puddles.

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Did he really say that? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Yes. It was at the focus meeting before last season. It wasn’t addressed to the audience more venting frustration to no one in particular.
As I say he may have a point but these problems are recurring time and time again. Somewhere along the line they need addressing

He should apply for a job at Ryanair :grinning:

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:joy: Joking aside though Ryanair is a good comparison. We’ll put up with seat tax, bag tax and budgetness of the overall experience because they’ll take us where we want to be at a cheaper cost than most.
We’ll put with leaky toilets, etc if the teams is winning. But why should we?

If people booked with Ryanair and they landed at the wrong airport they’d soon stop booking!

The simple fact is the club is rotting from the inside out and everywhere you look it’s evident that no-one at the club cares.

I have to disagree with elements KennyMowers post in respect of current day expectations of fans (and customers of any business) - Yes of course, we can’t change the history (and I openly admit, being a fan for 45 years I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs along the way and some of it hardens you to the club you love) but frankly we are producing crap entertainment in a crap facility ran by crap (uncaring) employees… Basically what we are being forced to pay for isn’t worth paying for (on a monetary basis) but on a fan basis, there’s absolutely nothing to be motivated by…

God I hate being this negative but I’d love to see what would happen if one league fixture, only a few hundred turned up - it would be guaranteed to get national coverage and genuine questions would be asked of what the hell is going on at our club - we might even get a comment on WM!

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No its all fine. The club can do as they please and we should all carry on going forever and ever and ever…

What we should all do it go week in week out, to a stadium that is getting worse, never moan about it and hope that we have one good game one day against someone good.

I’m still going, but I can understand 100% why people want to jack it in because I know I wont be far behind them. Fans are a necessary inconvenience to this club, nothing more.

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A continually growing list of posters declaring they are no longer going coupled with the rapidly declining crowds (this weas only masked before Christmas by a few HUGE away followings) and our resident season ticket holders are complaining about the posts :joy::clap::clap:

You remind me of that violinist on the titanic that continues to play until he falls off the top deck into the water.

If someone is so broken by the club that they feel they no longer want to attend after years and years of throwing money at Jeff, this is EXACTLY the correct place to post it.

I have a feeling there will be plenty more, too…


The last two attendance were nowhere near as stated either. Even some season ticket holders aren’t going anymore.

I know of at least 5 season ticket holders who didn’t attend on Saturday for example who would have been counted in the attendance.

Funnily enough was just about to write that, I saw at least 3 season ticket holders post on here that didn’t go! So how many home fans were actually there? Early bird time is going to be very interesting this year.

This difference between each of those times and now? We all felt we belonged to a movement, a community. Now we feel like another number - a customer. Its going to take some major reconnection between board and fans to even get close to how it was before - and even then it wasn’t great!

Yes, we do.

Thats exactly how I’m beginning to feel just a commodity to fleece as much as possible. The fact that they can’t even provide decent facilities for us the fans speaks volumes about how they think of us???

I have been away from this site for 10 years once a season ticket holder, but now pick my games. I go because I enjoy it and Walsall FC are my team, not my life.
Nothing changes same old life and death posts bonser this bonser that. Can never understand why people think you should run a business for nothing?. I wouldn’t go to work without s pay check would you?. I for one can’t wait until bonser goes and we see what we are left with. I remember the days of Jack Harris, Ken Wheldon, and Terry Ramsden and I’m telling you Bonser comes top of that list by far.
The debate is great but let’s put it into context it’s not life and death just enjoy the good times ( been lots of them), and just keep your head down in the bad times😀


With all due respect WFCNIL, you sort of contradict yourself by admitting you no longer have an ST and pick your games (why) but then almost accept the way the club is run (or not!) by stating that we should be riding out the bad times and simply wait for the better times to come along etc…

I think times have moved on and fans (dare we say, customers) are more savvy, critical, selective and informed than ever before (apart of course from the goings on at our club where comms is s*** too…

Of course it’s not life or death but that doesn’t make it simply OK to accept crap being dished out in respect of the entire match-day experience - on, off and around the pitch…

Just my opinion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No we don’t…as one or two others have said to be a supporter you have to endure the bad to love the good. As someone who came throughout our spell under Hibbett the dawning of the new era under Nicholl and then Graydon and then Lee was fantastic for me. The current Chairman was Chairman then don’t forget so it could happen again with good appointments and some luck. Having said that I do accept that he should go and I blame him for the mess we are in over the freehold. I have posted elsewhere about that mess and hope that those willing to take on our current issues do make progress.


Why don’t we? Doesn’t it just show the state we’re in as a club?

I’m staying away. Haven’t been to a home game since the end of last year. Last game was Bolton away and I’ll probably attend 3/4 more away games this season. I will not be returning to home games. The place is an awful environment to watch football for the ridiculous prices you pay. Am I a supporter?

Some on here seem the type to blame fans rather than the club. It’s like a restaurant blaming customers taste buds for not getting customers through the door. I’m committed to Five Guys, but if the burgers and experience went downhill I’d stop going, especially for the prices I pay!

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